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U Mobile’s U Home 5G Broadband

U Mobile is excited to expand its broadband range with the latest U Home 5G – the first 5G home broadband plan in Malaysia that is contract-free. Priced at just RM78 monthly, customers will get to enjoy unlimited fibre-like speeds with unlimited flexibility as they will not be tied down by any contract. The plug-and-play solution is also hassle-free as there will be no need to set appointments to hack and install ports, hence customers can start enjoying the service immediately upon subscription. In addition, U Home 5G is a SIM-only plan, so customers may use it with any compatible modem or router that they own or purchase, making the process seamless.

Navin Manian, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile, shared, “U Mobile is committed to bringing affordable and accessible connectivity to all Malaysians. With the new U Home 5G, we are proud to be the first in Malaysia to offer a 5G home broadband plan without a contract. This will give customers great convenience as they are able to easily subscribe and use U Home 5G completely worry-free.”

He adds, “With the wide availability of U Mobile’s network, U Home 5G is an excellent solution for customers, especially those who reside in areas where there is no access to fibre. With our latest offering, customers can use their ultra-fast 5G or 4G broadband at home or even at their office.”

To mark the launch of U Home 5G, U Mobile is offering the plan at a promotional price of RM68 monthly. This special promotional price is available from today and until further notice. Customers who sign up for U Home 5G within the promo period will enjoy the promotional price for life. U Home 5G works with any modem or router that is compatible with Malaysia’s 5G network. There is also a list of recommended modems or routers on U Mobile’s website.

For more information on U Home 5G, visit u.com.my/home5G.

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