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Solaroo partners with Quill Automobiles and Millennium Welt to launch Nation’s First Rooftop Solar Programme for Bmw iX Series Owners

Solaroo Systems Sdn Bhd (“Solaroo”), a leading provider of rooftop solar photovoltaic (“PV”) solutions and a wholly-owned unit of Pekat Group Berhad (“Pekat”), proudly announces its partnership with esteemed BMW dealerships, Quill Automobiles and Millennium Welt. Together, they unveil Malaysia’s pioneering rooftop solar programme exclusively designed for future owners of the BMW iX series electric vehicles (EVs).

This ground-breaking collaboration aims to empower new BMW iX owners on their sustainable journey by reducing emissions and embracing renewable energy. Participants in the programme will enjoy a complimentary 4.4 kilowatt peak (“kWp”) rooftop solar PV system worth RM20,000 from Solaroo, with the flexibility to expand the system’s capacity to meet their specific requirements.

“At Quill Automobiles, we are thrilled to join forces with a fellow BMW dealership, Millennium Welt, to partner with Solaroo in offering this innovative rooftop solar programme to our valued BMW iX customers,” said Alex Tang, Dealer Principal at Quill Automobiles. “This partnership reflects our commitment to shaping a better future and providing our customers with exceptional experiences. By integrating sustainable energy solutions with state-of-the-art EV technology, we enable our customers to make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the numerous benefits of renewable energy.”

Nicholas Lee, Dealer Principal of Millennium Welt Seremban, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “As a forward-thinking dealership, Millennium Welt is delighted to collaborate with Solaroo alongside Quill Automobiles to introduce this cutting-edge rooftop solar programme. By combining both our expertise in automotive excellence with Solaroo’s sustainable energy solutions, we are offering BMW iX owners the opportunity to embark on a truly environmentally conscious journey. Together, we are committed to providing our customers with forward-looking mobility options that align with their values.”

By integrating a rooftop solar PV system, BMW iX owners can effectively harness renewable energy sources while reducing their carbon footprint, thereby increasing the sustainability of their driving experience.

“We are excited to collaborate with Quill Automobiles and Millennium Welt in this initiative, which empowers BMW iX owners to make a significant environmental impact through the adoption of renewable energy,” said Mr. Johann Sze, Co-founder of Solaroo. “This programme allows users to embrace green energy in a meaningful way, extending their commitment to sustainability beyond their EVs. We are grateful for the trust placed in us by Quill Automobiles and Millennium Welt, and we look forward to driving positive change together.”

Mr. Sze further emphasized that a 4.4kWp rooftop solar system, on average, avoids 3.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year compared to conventional electricity sources, as per data from the Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA).

Solaroo’s rooftop solar PV solution, starting at a base size of 4.4 kWp, is expected to generate approximately 458kWh of electricity per month. This generation capacity is sufficient to offset the electricity consumption resulting from four full charges of the BMW iX (440kWh), given the EV’s battery size of 110kWh and an impressive range of up to 630km.

Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to upgrade their solar PV system capacity to between 6.6kWp and 13.2kWp based on their monthly electricity bills. The estimated savings on monthly electricity bills will offset the additional upgrade costs within two to three years.

The programme includes two years of free maintenance for the rooftop solar PV system, complemented by insurance coverage that provides one-for-one parts replacements. The BMW iX xDrive 50, featuring a starting price tag of RM546,800, boasts a larger battery, more powerful electric motors, and a total system output of 523 horsepower and 765Nm of torque. It joins the iX xDrive40, iX1, and iX3 in BMW’s line-up of all-electric SUVs, available at Quill Automobiles and Millennium Welt.

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