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Review – Huawei MatePad Pro


Huawei MatePad Pro is a major step up from the popular MediaPad tablet series. By adopting the advanced technology from their latest Huawei smartphones, the MatePad Pro is positioned as the premium model in the tablet market. This ingenious tablet features a superior build quality, excellent display, amazing stereo sound, and outstanding performance for both work and entertainment.


MatePad Pro is housed by a magnesium alloy that carved into a sleek and stylish designed body. Weighing at just 492g, the MatePad Pro feels just right on your hand without stressing the muscle for long hours. Coupled with the protective cover, MatePad Pro gives a firm grip to your palm thus prevent accidental slip. The rounded edge design of the MatePad Pro feels ergonomic to hold even with just one hand.



The MatePad Pro packs a whooping 10.8” screen with QHD resolution and a 90% display ratio. The crystal clear screen performs exceptionally well when it playbacks a hi-quality video. The good viewing angle makes the MatePad Pro a comfortable display for a single or small group of 3 to share the screen. The hi-definition display is also ideal for text-related application, whether you are reading an article in the vertical orientation, or writing work reports in landscape mode. Since the MatePad Pro is designed with a stylus in mind, you can feel easy to scribble on its sturdy screen with the M-Pencil.


The brilliant display of MatePad Pro is paired with the Harman Kardon quad-channel stereo speaker to form the immersive experiences for movie entertainment. The stereo speakers on both sides of the tablet produce 3D stereo sound output for a richer experience. The Harman Kardon speakers produce loud (really loud) and clear sound which you can easily distinguish treble and bass. Combining the hi-quality stereo sound with a great viewing angle screen, the MatePad Pro can cater to a group of viewers instead of the solo enjoyment.


Even though photography is never the priority for any tablet design, but the MatePad Pro still provides a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. The rear camera can capture your daily lives with ease, but don’t expect a similar quality of Huawei flagship smartphone series. However, we don’t recommend taking pictures with a 10” tablet for safety concerns.


Being the flagship tablet model, MatePad Pro is equipped with some of the most powerful hardware components in the industry. The Kirin 990 at the core of this device is more than capable of handling any productivity or entertainment apps. With the support of a massive 8GB LPDDR4X RAM, MatePad Pro ensures a smooth and seamless transition between apps.


After weeks of testing the MatePad Pro, it’s safe to say that the battery power is capable of handling heavyweight works for a long time. For the casual web surfing and social networking, the tablet will serve you for days before asking for the next charging. MatePad Pro not only provides the rapid Huawei SuperCharge technology to shorten the charging time, but it also supports both Wireless and Reverse Charging for your convenience. Yeah, say goodbye to the power banks!



MatePad Pro also makes full use of the 10.8-inch display with its unique Multi-Windows & Floating Windows for effortless multitasking. Huawei has included their most innovative features into the MatePad Pro for maximum productivity, such as the App-Multiplier, Desktop Mode, Huawei Share, Huawei Dock, and also the latest video calling feature, MEETime.


The app ecosystem might be the most concerning aspect of MatePad Pro due to the on-going dispute between the respective companies. While we wait for the conflict to be over, Huawei has provided a solution for its users, the Huawei AppGallery. This application hub is maintained by Huawei who constantly updates the base with new apps every week. You can find most of the popular apps in AppGallery, including the locally developed apps. For anyone keen to install their favourite apps that not found in the AppGallery, there are always 3rd party app store and apk (Android Package Kit) versions available for download.


Smart Magnetic Keyboard

One of the highlights of MatePad Pro is the Smart Magnetic Keyboard that can be purchased in a bundle set. The keyboard can easily snap to the tablet and instantly powered-on via Bluetooth. The keyboard has a slim form factor thus it fits the tablet perfectly when folded together. The chiclet-style keys feel comfortable to type on. The keyboard also acts as the stand for the MatePad Pro with 2 types of angles for tablet position to fit your view. When not in use, the keyboard will serve as the protective cover for the tablet. A simple flip will wake up the tablet instantly.


For anyone who likes to scribble, sketch, and draw on a tablet, the MatePad Pro is here for you. By getting the Huawei M-Pencil, you are ready to unleash your creativity on this digital canvas. The M-Pencil weighs only 14g and 16cm long makes it a perfect fit for any hand to freely express themselves on the tablet. The M-Pencil provides a durable tip that is meant to last 20000m of writing and drawing. The stylus features 4096 pressure sensitive levels and tilt support, which translates into a natural, intuitive and accurate writing/drawing on the screen.

The MatePad Pro will initiate the pairing process once it senses the presence of an M-Pencil. The MatePad Pro also functions as the charging platform for the M-Pencil whenever it is attached to the tablet. Similar to the Smart Magnetic Keyboard, there’s no battery issue to be bothered about. MatePad Pro lets you fully concentrate on visualizing your creativity.


In this modern age, people are demanding mobility and productivity from their smart devices.  They are no longer satisfied with the smartphones which are limited by its small screen and performance, nor the laptops with weight and battery issues. This is where the Huawei MatePad Pro comes in to fill the gap.

MatePad Pro’s big screen provides the platform for better productivity and smooth multitasking. Supported by the powerful hardware beneath the vibrant screen, the MatePad Pro can take on any demanding app in long hours with no issue. By attaching the Smart Magnetic Keyboard, the tablet will transform into a compact laptop with no compromise. Bring on the M-Pencil, the MatePad Pro becomes the digital canvas to unleash your creativity. Every transition is seamless, thanks to the brilliant optimisation.

Aside from work smart, the MatePad Pro also delivers an immersive cinematic experience with its vibrant QHD screen and quad-channel stereo speakers. Whether you are watching a movie, playing games, or making a video call with your loved one, the MatePad Pro never disappoints. Thanks to its large screen, you can even share the joy with your friends and families.

Huawei MatePad Pro is the perfect companion for the modern-day enthusiast who demands the best of both works and entertainment. With so many features built into this sophisticated device, the versatile MatePad Pro is ready to assist you in your everyday lives. Once you get a taste of what the MatePad Pro can offer, it will become the device that you cannot live without.

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