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realme revealed 125W UltraDart Flash Charge


realme, the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, officially launched the 125W UltraDart Flash Charging solution, made it among the first smartphone brands that brought in such advanced technology in the world. realme Dart Flash Charging technology keeps evolving from 30W, to 50W, to 65W, and now it has reached 125W. Its birth is a great importance in the era of 5G for being the best solution of 5G smartphone battery life.

Low battery is always annoying for the global users, especially for 5G smartphone users. Since it is almost impossible to make a major breakthrough in battery energy density in the short term and the internal space of mobile phones is limited, flash charging has become the most effective way to guarantee a long battery life. Thus the 125W UltraDart Flash Charging technology is more significant and also the leading solution among all flash charging.

3 mins for 33% charging, realme UltraDart aims to lead 5G flash charging

How to solve the problem of low battery anxiety? realme makes all efforts to finally bring the 125W UltraDart Flash Charging technology. Distinguished from other flash charging solutions, realme believes it is more important and meaningful to get the phone back to life in the shortest time, instead of just shortening 1 or 2 minutes of the whole charging process. Therefore, realme pays attention to optimize the technology of making smartphones back to life in 3 minutes, which helps users to fully use breaks down to get phone charged so that they can leave whenever they want and don’t need to worry about the battery life.

With 125W UltraDart, a 5G smartphone with a battery life of 4000mAh can be charged around 33% in 3 minutes, supporting hours of daily use of 5G smartphone. The reason why it can get fully charged in just 20 minutes is about the future commercialization and safety, realme specially controls the smartphone temperature under 40°. realme wants to control the charging speed smartly and safely, instead of pursuing the extreme fast charging speed. Without temperature control, it could be 13 minutes for 100% charge.

Also, the 125W UltraDart still focuses on both efficiency and safety by adopting direct charging to avoid any potential charging accidents with multi-layer protection. 125W UltraDart does not only support the phone charging while the screen is on and being played with, but also makes 5G smartphones get charged faster, more safely and also comfortable to use.

Applying 125W UltraDart in all price segment to bring leap-forward experience for everyone

Technologies that can be utilized by more people are good ones. realme illustrates that it will take more 5G smartphones shipped with the 125W UltraDart Flash Charging technology into mass production, to make the young users, who realme value the most, to experience the innovative charging technology as soon as possible. Meanwhile, as “Popularizer of Tech Trendsetting Life”, realme insists on the “Dare to Leap” brand conception to gradually bring the world-advancing smartphone charging technologies to more price segments rather than only flagship products, bringing the always-on 5G fast-speed experience to more young users which breaks the constraints of the price.

As the brand focusing on the young, realme commits itself to creating products with a leap-forward experience of all aspects. The official launch of the 125W UltraDart Flash Charging technology will magnificently shorten the charging time of high capacity batteries and guarantee the battery life of 5G smartphones, to help realme 5G smartphones perform excellently and offer better trendsetting user experiences.

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