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HMS Core 5.0 introduces New Services to HUAWEI Developer Community


HUAWEI recently launched HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) Core 5.0 for global developers on the official HUAWEI Developer website. HMS Core 5.0 introduces services in seven main areas including App Services, Graphics, Media, AI, Smart Device, Security, and System for developers to make the most of HUAWEI’s “chip-device-cloud” capabilities.

As of March 2020, HUAWEI’s global monthly active users has reached 650 million, a year-on-year increase of 25 percent. Additionally, there are 1.4 million registered developers worldwide, a 115 percent growth over the last year. The number of apps integrated with HMS Core has also exceeded 60,000 globally, demonstrating 67 percent year-on-year growth.

HMS Core 5.0 is a successor to HMS Core 4.0 with more than 20 newly added capabilities to meet the growing needs of developers worldwide. The 4.0 version has already established diverse open capabilities ranging from AI to security, while the newly launch HMS Core 5.0 takes one step further to offer expanded capabilities such as Computer Graphics (CG) Kit, AR Engine, Accelerate Kit, Scene Kit, and more to provide a comprehensive solution for app development.

Following are the key highlights of HMS Core 5.0 services:

  • Computer Graphics Kit helps accelerate the adoption of CG in apps, which will especially benefit the motion picture and gaming industries in creating richer and innovative content. With the improved Physically Based Rendering (PBR) algorithm, developers are enabled to accurately represent real-world materials in the mobile game.
  • AR Engine offers a wide range of AR-related capabilities such as motion, environment, human body and face tracking, for developers to create an interactive and immersive AR experiences easily.
  • Accelerate Kit provides developers with multi-core, multi-threading solutions to optimise the app performance. For apps that require heavy geometry or CG rendering such as mobile game, the Accelerate Kit eases the app development process and makes it run efficiently.


There are several upgrades that have also been made to the existing App Services. Scan Kit now incorporates deep learning-based scanning codes to improve scanning accuracy in challenging situations with faster response. The Map Kit adds bus and subway route planning to help developers improve the app functionalities.


‘Cloud Debugging’ for app test run and debugging on HUAWEI devices remotely

As a lightweight Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tool plugin, HMS Core Toolkit implements app creation, encoding, conversion, debugging, testing services to help developers integrate HMS Core with lower costs and higher efficiency. For example, the ‘Cloud Debugging’ service offers emulators to enable developers to test run and debug their apps on different HUAWEI devices remotely online.

This service covers wide range of HUAWEI’s latest device models, including the popular HUAWEI P series and Mate series. The ‘Cloud Debugging’ supports resolution change, and switch between landscape and portrait modes. Developers can also view and download logs for fault identification.

‘Cloud Debugging’ is accessible through HUAWEI Developer website; and the service is currently only available in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.


Integrate HMS to win from AppsUP – HUAWEI HMS App Innovation Contest

From now until 30 August 2020, developers around APAC can enter the AppsUP – HUAWEI HMS App Innovation Contest to compete for prize pool worth USD400,000 simply by integrating their apps with at least one HMS Core Kit.

A panel of regional industry experts will score each entry on social value, business value, user experience and innovativeness. The top 20 winners of Best App, Best Game, Honourable Award, as well as in special categories for Most Social Impact App and Most Popular App in the region will win the US$200,000 in cash prizes and US$200,000 in HUAWEI Cloud resources.

To encourage participation, newly registered HUAWEI Developer during the contest registration period will receive HUAWEI Cloud voucher worth at least USD200, while an additional USD4,000 voucher will be awarded upon app submission.

Developers can register for AppsUP via this link.

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