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Review – Realme 5 PRO


Living in this century is truly challenging. Everything changes so fast that you might have a hard time to catch the latest trend.  Being the forefront of tech gadget, smartphone never stop to break the limits of smart devices, by giving us the higher CPU clock speed, faster network speed, bigger battery capacity, bigger screen, and so on. Today, we are jumping on the bandwagon of Quad Camera, with realme 5 Pro.


realme 5 Pro adopts the diamond cutting design that is the gene of realme design. Different from the usual matte cutting texture of the previous generation, realme 5 Pro carries the original polished surface and new nanoscale textures through adjusted and upgraded process. The 3D body design also provides the comfortable grip to your palm with its design curves at the back of the phone.

To compliment the splendid crystal design, realme 5 Pro integrates the splash-resistant design with 3 different layers into the body. With this multi-layer splash-resistant design, realme 5 Pro can resist humidity in daily life thus giving you a peace of mind when engaging various activities with this device.

realme 5 Pro features a 6.3-inch FHD (2340×1080) screen with elegant “dewdrop design” which integrated the front camera and sensors on the top of the screen. The precise screen glue technique improves black edge control and finally achieves an ultra-high screen ratio of 90.8% for an astonishing visual effect to the eyes. The screen is sharp and vibrant in colour, and comes with Night Shield mode to protect your eyes during intensive reading.



For the imaging need, realme 5 Pro is set to satisfy the users with all-round photography experience that is applicable in various scenarios. As the title mentioned, realme 5 Pro features a quad-camera combination of 48-megapixel main camera (Sony IMX 586), 119° ultra-wide-angle lens, ultra macro lens and portrait lens on the back.

The main camera (Sony IMX 586) is formed by a 1/2.0 inch sensor and an f/1.7 large aperture lens that produces outstanding result in photography. The Quad Bayer pixel four-in-one technology enables a single pixel of 1.6μm and offers good inherent hardware foundation in resolution, tolerance, weak light performance, thus providing excellent dynamic range and rich image details.

With the advanced features such as Nightscapes and Chromaboost, realme 5 Pro is ready to fulfill your imaging desire with its superb main camera. Combine with the zoom function (1X, 2X & 5X) and Ultra HD mode that captures sharp details, realme 5 Pro is definitely your everyday camera.

For the landscape shooters, you are just one click away from the ultra-wide mode on realme 5 Pro. Featuring a HD wide-angle camera with pixel of 8MP, aperture of f/2.25 and 119° ultra-wide-angle field of view, the realme 5 Pro is ready to snap any landscape, building and multi-person group photos.

The macro camera on the realme 5 Pro consists of an ultra macro lens with aperture of f/2.4 and pixels of 1.75μm. With its 4cm focus range, you can take clearer and sharper photos in closer distance, capturing various details in everyday life.

For the portrait lens, the realme 5 Pro features an additional “filter system”. The main camera is assisted by the feature of the lens that perceives black and white, providing higher exposure capability for photos and enhancing the contrast between light and dark of images.

In addition to the impressive quad-camera performance, the realme 5 Pro also supports recording of up to 4K resolution videos. The front and rear cameras both feature the Electric Image Stabilization (EIS) function, enable steady recording without extra accessories. The video function also supports recording slow motions videos in 960fps at 720p resolution for creative works.

realme 5 Pro’s front camera  features a 16-megapixel samples, f/2.0 aperture Sony IMX 471 image sensor with 5P high-concentration lens, supports Quad Bayer smart pixel 4-in-1 technology that can synthesize 2μm large pixels for excellent selfie performance in low light condition. Assisted by the AI Beauty mode and EIS, the front camera is ready to serve.


realme 5 Pro is packed with a new upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 AIE processor with Kyro eight-core architecture and CPU clock speed at 2.3Ghz. It is also equipped with Qualcomm Adreno 616 GPU with better graphics performance and energy efficiency when compared to the predecessor. Combined with the Hexagon 685 DSP and LPDDR4X+UFS2.1 high speed RAM, the realme 5 Pro is fully prepared for any challenging task.

To enhance the gaming experience on the realme 5 Pro, the developer also integrated the Hyperboost 2.0 technology onto the model. By switching from Frame Boost, Touch Boost and Game Boost mode, users can enjoy the most optimized gaming experiences on realme 5 Pro.

realme 5 Pro also uses a new gel heat-dissipating process for better heat dissipation and maintain comfortable operation when performing heavy tasks and long-period gaming.

Thanks to the impressive hardware specs, the mobile entertainment on the realme 5 Pro is smooth and lag-free, and never seem to run out of memory.


Aside from all the high speed hardware components, realme 5 Pro also equipped with a 4035mAh high-capacity battery with the reputable VOOC 3.0 Flash Charge technology. Thanks to the low-voltage, high current mode and MCU Intelligent Control Chip, the charging process is not only fast, but ensures aviation-level safety and reduces heating too.


As a young brand, realme is always close to the users and follow closely on the latest trend. They are quick to adopt the quad-camera trend by releasing both realme 5 and realme 5 Pro with an attractive list of features at an affordable price. realme 5 Pro not only come with a quad-camera package, their main camera also packs a whooping 48MP Ultra HD big aperture lens on a Sony sensor. The all-rounder specification on a high capacity battery-powered body means the realme 5 Pro is for everyone. Whether you want it for your photography enthusiasm, your mobile gaming desires, or your daily mobile phone activities, the realme 5 Pro can satisfy you nonetheless.

Let us enter the age of quad-camera, with realme 5 Pro.

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