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Review – Realme 5


Smartphone evolution has rapidly changing our lives of using a phone. Decades ago we could not imagine a pocket-size phone can work wonders as a mini computer and take impressive pictures that rival the digital camera. The desire of taking great pictures everywhere we go is certainly noticed by the manufacturers, when they keep putting in more cameras to our phones. And now, we enter the age of quad-camera smartphones. Being a young and vibrant brand, realme was quick to board the bandwagon and give us the new realme 5.


realme 5 comes with a whooping 6.5-inch big screen for better visual enjoyment on gaming, audio and video experiences. It adopts the Mini-drop design to bring the screen ratio up to 89%, allowing users to have lesser visual disturbance while enjoying the comforts of the big screen.

For the body design, realme 5 inherits the typical diamond cutting design from the previous generation and thoroughly upgrades it to create the outstanding 3D curves. The outsanding “nanoscale holographic colour pattern” on the back of the phone body is carved by five-axis laser. Embedding a cyber-futuristic theme, its design rivals any decorative phone case you find at the accessories shops

For the adventurous owners, the realme 5 features splash-resistant design with 3 splash-resistant layers from the inside to the outside. Users can bring the phone out for their outdoor activity with the peace of mind, knowing the phone can resist humidity in your everyday life. To further enhance the protection of the phone, realme 5 bundles the screen protect film and protection case altogether in the package.



As the tagline suggested, realme is “leaping to Quad Camera”. Featuring 4 cameras with individual function, realme 5 can fulfill your photography desire with ease.

The super clear main camera captures images in 12MP, with f/1.8 aperture and PDAF focus system. The large aperture is good for low light shooting by letting in more light for the camera and image sensor to produce a cleaner image. With the standard focal length and fast lens, this camera will handle most of your common shots without going through the setting.

The 2nd camera is the 119° ultra-wide-angle lens with 8MP and f/2.25 aperture. The UWA gives you the flexibility to capture ultra-wide images, without the need to step back, which sometime is not possible in real life scenario. For the landscape, cityscapes, and architecture enthusiasts, this camera is the best lens to have on your smartphone.

Ultra macro lens comes with aperture f/2.4 and 4cm focal length. Due to the lens characteristic, it lets you take pictures in a very close distance to capture the details of your subjects. Macro shot lovers, you know what to do here.

Last but not least, realme 5 also features a portrait lens. As the name suggested, it enhances all the portrait-oriented shooting with better exposure and contrast. The additional “filter system” also helps the camera to determine the best possible parameters for the subject, creating the portrait-style photo via the camera.

With the help of powerful cameras on the phone, realme 5 bundles various photography modes that cater for the special needs. Nightscape Mode, ChromaBoost, SelfiePro and 240fps slow-motion with Electric Image Stabilization (EIS) are among the camera features that you will enjoy using with realme 5.


Despite the wallet-friendly pricing, realme 5 doesn’t hold back on performance. The upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AIE with 11nm production process delivers strong performance and less power consumption. The 8-cores processor is pairing with Adreno 610 GPU to provide you the great gaming experiences with smooth frame rate, rapid operation and excellent graphics. Say goodbye to lag!



realme 5 is equipped with 5000mAh high-capacity battery for all your chores and entertainments. The phone combines the hardware and software technology to maximize the performance for extra-long battery life with safe protection. By incorporating AI Freeze and Scene Battery Optimization Mode, realme 5 can extend the phone battery by another 10% when you need every last bit of juice.


realme 5 is equipped with the latest ColorOS 6.0, a simple and smooth system experience for the users. There are many smart and useful apps to help you get started with the realme 5. The stock Android system provides the streamlined smartphone experiences with no steep learning curve.

With merely 198g in weight, realme 5 is easy to carry for your daily activities. The 3D body design makes the phone fit easily in your palm, stand by to capture any photography moment with the quad cameras.

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