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Night-Touring around the Heart of KL with OPPO R17 Pro


OPPO Malaysia, a leading global smartphone brand, recently launched their latest R series – the OPPO R17 Pro at the price of RM2,699. To celebrate its grand arrival, OPPO had its first sales roadshow of the device at OPPO Flagship Store, KLCC today with the special appearances of Syafiq Kyle and Phei Yong. Adding to the excitement, OPPO also organized the ‘OPPO R17 Pro – Seize The Night’ bus tour in conjunction with their first sales activity for the OPPO R17 Pro. During the bus tour event, 25 O-fans and media friends were given the opportunity to take part in the event. Together, the O-fans went on a journey around the city to experience the KL nightlife while admiring the beauty of the city.

The event kicked off with the special appearances by local rising star, Syafiq Kyle and well-known Youtuber, Phei Yong. During the bus tour, O-fans were given the chance to use the OPPO R17 Pro to take photos and videos with both personalities.

The presence of both the young influencers at the event symbolizes OPPO’s efforts to constantly create smartphones that are trendy and features the best specs and technology for consumers. At the event, both the influencers introduced and demonstrated the primary features of the smartphone, which are the Ultra Night Mode with its  F1.5 and F2.4 smart aperture cameras that allow users to capture clear, luminous images effortlessly as well as the Super VOOC Flash Charge fast charging technology that could charge up to 40 per cent in just 10 minutes.

Speaking at the event, Syafiq Kyle and Phei Yong shared their testimony of using the OPPO R17 Pro. “A picture is worth a thousand words. This quote is dear to my heart because I love sharing pictures that I’ve taken with my fans. With the OPPO R17 Pro, the Ultra Night Mode feature paired with its AI Ultra-clear Engine means the press of a key is all you need to frame the night in moving clarity, and you don’t even have to edit it! I can now be more confident when taking pictures at night and upload more to share with my fans. I don’t have to worry about the battery either, the OPPO R17 Pro comes packed with a 3,700mAh battery that is designed for up to 50-watt charging power that radically boosts the battery performance. I’m sure you’ve heard that it is capable of reaching 40 per cent charge in just 10 minutes, which is perfect for my lifestyle.” said Syafiq Kyle.

“As a YouTuber, it is my joy to create videos, and with the OPPO R17 Pro, I am able to record videos easily at any place and time! I am glad to be a part of this event because I am able to interact and take great pictures with my fans today. I love the features of this phone because it still takes a good picture without needing to always find a place with good lighting due to the OPPO R17 Pro’s F1.5/F2.4 Smart Aperture camera that built to automatically widen in fading light and darkness, letting more light rays in for clearer night scenes. When your surroundings start to brighten, it closes quickly to reduce glare, making every shot effortlessly crisp and clear.” expressed Phei Yong.

The smartphone primary features of the F1.5 smart aperture helps create a brighter low light shot while the F2.4 smart aperture helps create a smoother and clearer shot when in low light situations. Through this, consumers do not have to worry when taking pictures at night because the OPPO R17 Pro camera can still help you capture the night’s most enchanting moments, with powerful night shot settings that coaxes light through the dark to gently capture their allure.

Nikki Chen, the Brand Director of OPPO Malaysia said “At OPPO, we strive to design and create the best devices for our consumers. We want them to have the best features but at an affordable price. We understand that taking pictures at night can be a hassle and we want to help improve that. Hence, with the OPPO R17 Pro, consumers can now easily capture pictures that still looks great even at night. The bus tour tonight, together with Syafiq Kyle and Phei Yong has helped the O-fans to fully experience for themselves the fun of taking pictures at night. We believe this collaboration will help reach to a wider audience and connect with other individuals from different walks of life. The OPPO R17 Pro is the right device for many as it is a better-improved version of our smartphones that fit the needs of our consumers.”

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