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Take away the stress of modern life with Samsung’s new POWERbot Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Kuala Lumpur (14 July 2015) Samsung Malaysia Electronics announced the availability of POWERbot robot vacuum cleaner as a new addition to its smart living appliances. By continuing to combine its technical expertise and innovation, Samsung‘s POWERbot is designed to enhance and simplify modern living. Delivering convenience, efficiency and design, the robot vacuum cleaner is designed to create a more comfortable home.

Samsung’s dedicated team of lifestyle researchers around the globe closely study and analyze consumer behavior and lifestyles. These invaluable insights have led to the development of appliances with consumer usage at its heart, delivering products with real benefits to its users and a premium finish to enhance modern living.

“In line with Samsung’s objective to create remarkable living appliances that contribute to a more comfortable life, the new POWERbot is designed to provide consumers convenience and simplicity with a promising performance. The POWERbot robot vacuum cleaner will deliver powerful and thorough cleaning like you have never experienced before,” said Lee Sang Hoon, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

POWERbot Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Powerful Convenience

For years, robot vacuums have promised to transform cleaning but the reality has not lived up to its potential as traditional robot vacuums do not perform as well on carpets as they do on hard floors. That is all about to change with the new Samsung POWERbot. This powerful robot vacuum features an array of advanced technologies and features that do the heavy lifting for today’s busy households, from hardwood to carpeted floors.

Its cleaning prowess is unprecedented in a robot vacuum. The Digital Inverter Motor features a level of suction up to 60 times more powerful* than conventional robot vacuums for removal of dirt and other debris on carpets like no other robot can.  Hard wood and laminate surfaces are a breeze for the POWERbot and an extra-wide rectangular brush bar four inches wider than conventional robot vacuums eliminate the need for side brushes while covering more ground in a single pass. CycloneForce technology creates a centrifugal force that routes particles into a separate inner chamber, minimizing clogging in order to maintain its powerful suction.

The POWERbot also features unique innovation that provides maximum manoeuvrability. Unlike many other robots, the Height Performance FullView Sensor™ detects even small obstacles across a wide area with minimal blind spots. With high performance chips, sensors and an on-board digital camera, the Visionary Mapping™ Plus System creates a complete map of the home to calculate the most efficient cleaning path, avoiding road blocks like a set of steps or a child’s toy.  Easy Pass™ Wheels allow the vacuum to move around the home with ease and control. Point Cleaning Technology allows you to direct the vacuum with a simple click of a remote control.

Once cleaning is complete, or the battery is low, the POWERbot will guide itself back to the docking station for recharging.



Availability and Pricing

The POWERbot VR20H9050UW/ME robot vacuum cleaner is now available at the recommended retail price of RM3,499 (inclusive of 6% GST). For more information, log on to www.samsung.com/my.

Take away the stress of modern life with Samsung’s new POWERbot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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