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BMW Motorrad Malaysia Introduces the New BMW S 1000 XR and the New BMW R 1200 RS

Kuala Lumpur (23 July 2015) — BMW Motorrad Malaysia today unveiled two new premium motorcycles, the New BMW S 1000 XR and the New BMW R 1200 RS, which are set to raise the benchmark for sports, touring and adventure motorcycles in the country.

As the fourth member in the BMW Motorrad line-up of high-performance motorcycles with straight-four-cylinder engines, the new BMW S 1000 XR builds on the tantalising and unique mix of innovative technology, performance and safety already inherent in its existing models and takes it to the next level by offering this repertoire of core characteristics in a brand-new segment defined as ‘Adventure Sport”. ‘Adventure Sport’ encompasses dynamic touring qualities, sporty performance and high levels of comfort as well as outstanding everyday usability.


“Carving out a niche for itself as a crossover, the new BMW S 1000 XR combines the elements of touring ability of a GS with supersport characteristic of the RR which BMW Motorrad is renowned for. We are confident that the new BMW S 1000 XR will cater perfectly to many motorcycle enthusiasts here who want dynamic performance of a sports motorcycle, the versatility of an enduro and the comfort of a touring bike all in one,” said Alan Harris, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia.

The New BMW R 1200 RS, meanwhile, takes sports touring to a whole new and truly thrilling level. Powered by the  flat-twin boxer engine that succeeds in transposing the all-round qualities of the original BMW RS concept from 40 years ago into the modern day to stunning effect, the new BMW R 1200 RS is the consummate all-rounder for both travelling and sporting deployment.

“The New BMW R 1200 RS adds new sparkle to the great tradition of sports tourer bikes from BMW Motorrad and while it is a classic representative of the segment, the new RS also serves up a blend of agility and dynamism of the BMW boxer sports machine. It is the perfect choice for a dynamic yet comfortable motorcycling experience – from long-distance journeys on the highways to sporty rides along twisting interior roads.” added Harris.

BMW Group Malaysia is confident that with the introduction of the New BMW S 1000 XR and the New BMW R 1000 RS, the premium automaker’s performance in the Malaysian market will continue to  grow. Harris noted that, “We are pleased to announce that a total of over 600 BMW motorcycles have been delivered as of July 2015, surpassing the 581 BMW Motorrad delivered all of the year 2014. With the introduction of these two new premium motorcycles, each catering to a diversed range of customers, I am confident that BMW Group Malaysia will continue to grow as we mirror the success of our global counterparts.”


The new BMW S 1000 XR: adventure sports perfection

Following on from the BMW S 1000 RR and BMW HP4 superbikes as well as the BMW S 1000 R roadster, BMW Motorrad is now unveiling the fourth member in its line-up of high-performance motorcycles with straight-four-cylinder engines.

The stand-out character, emotional appeal and versatility of the new BMW S 1000 XR are firstly reflected in the motorcycle’s design, ensuring an impressive statement. Its strikingly contrast-rich and sculptural surface design lends extra potency to the new motorcycle’s dynamic looks, while its layering structure allows impressive plasticity and three-dimensionality in the bike’s fairings. The asymmetrical side fairings underline its affinity with the sport segment while its slim lines accentuate the lightness and agility of the new BMW S 1000 XR.


The dynamic design and pronounced attention to detail in the brand’s first adventure sports bike is easily regonizable through the deliberate asymmetry design of the headlight reflectors, which are framed in a symmetrical outer contour. The dynamically-styled twin headlights which light beams aperture are asymmetrical ensures not only excellent lighting power and optimum illumination of the road ahead, but it also gives the new BMW S 1000 XR its unmistakable face. The new adventure sport bike can additionally be specified with an optional LED daytime running light positioned in the centre between the two headlight units.

Meanwhile, the air intake in the central section of the front end reproduces the hallmark RR “split face”, further emphasizing its supersport influence while its rear end, with its slim, light form, is short and snappy to represent a visual tribute the new BMW S 1000 XR’s agility and fleet-footedness. Its rear carries a crisp, compact look which is accentuated by a new licence plate mounting as well as a striking pentagonal end silencer to enable a high banking angle as well as allows the rider to attach not just panniers, but also a luggage grid with excellent load-carrying capacity.

Further sophistication and technical flavour has been added to the design of the new BMW S 1000 XR. This is seen in the opulently designed yoke which has been glass bead-blasted, while the tapered aluminium handlebars combine optimum control and solidity in an elegant form. More close attention to detail can be seen in the fuel tank surround which incorporates bold constrast and scultural flair while the tank cover is a two-component construction featuring a rubber surface around the filler cap and straddle area. The forged foot peg system for the rider and passenger is likewise the product of sophisticated manufacturing laced with impressive attention to detail.

The dynamic design of the new BMW S 1000 XR is further highlighted with perfect ergonomics – an important traditional virtue of BMW motorcycle designs. With its defined knee dent and design of the foot peg-seat-handlebars ergonomic triangle, the bike offers direct, nimble handling for riders both small and tall.

Meanwhile, the state-of-the-art technology for the new adventure sport bike is nothing short of its style and function – the new BMW S 1000 XR redefines the performance spectrum ranging from adventure through sport to touring in its own enthralling style. The new adventure sport bike is powered by a straight-four-cylinder engine similar to the DOHC unit that powers the BMW S 1000 R roadster. It has a stroke/bore ratio of 49.7 to 80 mm and uses a valvetrain with small, lightweight single rocker arms. In combination with a short, toothed, sprocket-driven camshaft drive chain, maximum rpm stability and precise valve timing is achieved. The mixture formation continues to be based on fully sequential, cylinder-selective fuel injection with two injectors per cylinder.


Nevertheless, to ensure optimum cylinder charging at low and medium engine speeds, the layout of the cylinder head ports have been modified and the valve lift curves recalculated. The rev speed threshold has also been lowered by around 2,000 rpm and the bike now employs the latest-generation engine management, paving the way for a full E-Gas ride-by-wire system.

The 999 cc in-line engine delivers a maximum output of 160 hp and generates a maximum torque of 112 Nm. In delivering a punchy response at low and medium revs, the liquid-cooled engine has abundant quantities of torque on tap, resulting in tremendous pulling power and exhilarating acceleration which are accompanied by a high peak output and a usable rev range spanning over 10,000 rpm. In conjunction with the optional Gear Shift Assist Pro, this means that it is just as easy to cruise along wih minimal gear changes as it is to adopt a sporty riding style or embark on an adventure trip on the new BMW S 1000 XR.

Another highlight of the new adventure sports bike is its top-quality stainless steel exhaust system which includes a pentagonal-shaped rear silencer, allowing the new BMW S 1000 XR to meet the most stringent noise and emissions standards without sacrificing power output.

The new adventure sport bike also comes equipped with two riding modes – “Rain” and “Road” – as well as Automatic Stability Control (ASC) featured as standard. These features allow the new BMW S 1000 XR to meet ideal adaptation to the rider’s individual needs while providing a high degree of riding safety. Together with the standard ABS system, ASC also substantially increases the range of use of the new BMW S 1000 XR on top of providing a significant boost of safety particularly when riding over split-friction surfaces.

For an even more sporty performance, the new BMW S 1000 XR can be fitted with the Riding mode Pro option which further adds two riding modes – “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro” – as well as Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) instead of the standard ASC system. By using a sensor box with banking detection, this particular form of traction control reacts with even greater sensitivity to let the rider accelerate even more safely especially when in a banked position. These riding modes can be selected at the push of a button and all the rider have to do is briefly close the throttle to activate the selected mode.

The arrival of the new BMW S 1000 XR also comes forth with the ABS Pro function, which now goes a step further to make braking while cornering safer. In such situations, ABS Pro prevents the wheels from locking up even when the brakes are applied sharply, thereby reducing abrupt changes in steering force especially in response to panic braking. It works by modifying the ABS control as a function of the motorcycle’s current angle of inclination in accordance with the driving situation.

However ambitious the riding style, a newly developed chassis for the new BMW S 1000 XR is fitted to accommodate its wide repertoire of sportiness, comfort and touring qualities. Like its engine, the chassis of the new sports adventure bike is also based on the established design principles that have already come to characterise the RR and HP4 superbikes as well as the BMW S 1000 R roadster.

The chassis is built around a newly developed perimeter frame made from aluminium which is welded together from four segments – the steering head, the engine and swing arm mount, plus two side sections. The rear frame is made from torsionally rigid aluminium sections with a pentagonal profile to give the new adventure sports bike the increased load carrying capacity needed for touring and long-distance travel. Wheel location at the rear is carried out by a newly developed double-sided swing arm which is welded together from cast aluminium-alloy sections.

With a road-ready weight of 228 kilograms when carrying a full tank of fuel, a slight change in chassis geometry has been made to meet the requirements of an adventure sports bike. For example, the castor angle of 65.4 degrees is 0.8 degrees more raked than on the BMW S 1000 R, while the wheel castor of 117 mm is 18.5 mm longer than the roadster’s. The rear-wheel swing arm has also grown in length by 65 mm to 670 mm and the wheelbase now measures at 1,548 mm; all of which deliver superior traction and handling stability for sporty rides along country roads, and the benefit of supreme directional stability when travelling on the motorway at high speed even with a passenger and luggage on board.

Beyond which, the front wheel of the new BMW S 1000 XR is also equipped with an upside-down fork which features inner cartridge insert, allowing both rebound and compression damping to be adjusted. Total spring travel is 150 mm while the rear wheel totals to 140 mm where a central spring strut with adjustable spring preload and adjustable rebound damping is employed.

The suspension quality offered by the new BMW S 1000 XR can be further increased with the latest generation of the electronically controlled suspension system, Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment). It attains unprecedented levels of riding safety, performance, and comfort as the damping is automatically adapted to the prevailing conditions to suit the riding situation and the manoeuvres that are carried out. Alongside Dynamic ESA, the new adventure sports bike can also be specified with a lowered chassis, making it easier to handle for shorter riders. This option will total spring travel to 120 mm at the front and 110 mm at the rear.

The sporty design and dynamic character of the new BMW S 1000 XR is also mirrored in the styling of its wheels. The intricate, dynamically styled 10-spoke die-cast aluminium wheels are similar to those on the BMW S 1000 RR with sizes 120/70 ZR 17 at the front and 190/55 ZR 17 at the rear. However, in pursuit of the lightest possible design, the brake discs of the new adventure sports bike have not been fitted with separate mounts. Instead, the hub area of the wheels has been specially designed to allow the brake disc rings to be mounted on directly.

As with all BMW Motorrad motorcycles, vigorous, stable and above all safe-braking components are provided by a braking system which comprises of a twin-disc brake with two radial four-piston fixed callipers at the front and two floating steel brake discs measuring at 320 mm in diameter. Meanwhile, rear braking is controlled by a hydraulically controlled single-disc brake with twin-piston floating calliper. The steel brake disc here has a diameter of 265 mm and uses a steel-wrapped brake line just as with the front braking to provide optimal transmission of the braking power from the hand-operated lever.

Moving into the cockpit of the new adventure sport bike, one will see a large, easy-to-read LC display along with an analogue rev counter on the instrument cluster. In addition to the gear selection, the display also indicates the riding mode currently engaged, which the rider can switch between using controls on the right handlebar even while on the move by simply closing the throttle twist grip. The new BMW S 1000 XR also caters to the specific demands on its touring and long-distance travelling capabilities by including a 12V power socket integrated into the cockpit.

To complete the powerful adventure sport character of the new BWM S 1000 XR, two different colour schemes are made available – Racing Red, the sporty colour scheme which graphic includes an interplay of sporty typeface and breaks; and Light White which brings with it a striking black/red combination for the model graphic.


The new BMW R 1200 RS: a new dimension in sports touring

In 1976, BMW Motorrad established the sports tourer genre with the BMW R 100 RS, the first mass-produced motorcycle in the world to come with a full, frame-mounted fairing which was developed in the wind tunnel. In serving up an unprecedented blend of sporting prowess and long-distance capability, the BMW 100 RS also gave rise to the legendary reputation that RS production bikes from BMW Motorrad have enjoyed ever since.

With the arrival of the New BMW R 1200 RS, BMW Motorrad is continuing this tradition in the best manner possible by unveiling the new sports tourer with a flat-twin engine which succeeds in transposing the all-round qualities of the original BMW RS concept into the modern day with stunning effect. Whether darting along small roads, revelling in its dynamic performance with a passenger on board or going on a long touring holiday – the New BMW R 1200 RS takes sports touring to a whole new thrilling level.


The New BMW R 1200 RS is a classic representative of the sports tourer segment and unites the proverbial touring qualities and comfort features of a BMW boxer tourer with the agility and dynamism of a BMW boxer sports machine. The half fairing’s beautifully balanced proportions with its low-set front and its light, almost delicate-looking tail jutting up at the rear, lends the bike a dynamic, elongated wedge shape. Its compact, powerful and aerodynamic styling meanwhile promises an exceedingly agile and dynamic riding experience, together  with superb touring and long-distance qualities.

Whichever angle it is viewed from, the new RS clearly signals riding pleasure – its short, high tail, muscular tank and low, compact front end makes the sports tourer appear to be surging forward even when stationary. Its upper section of the front fairing is also made to stand out visually, producing an even more athletic appearance. This presence is then accentuated with black sections which simultaneously makes the flanks of the new motorcycle appear slimmer and lighter.

Additionally, gaps and precisely designed openings blend together with the aerodynamically sophisticated half fairing to give the new RS a very light and manageable feel. The surfaces have been artfully sculpted down to the finest detail, which is also evident in the wind-deflecting winglets designed to divert airflow around the rider’s kidney area. The contrasting colour of the fairing’s top section meanwhile, emphasises the lightness and agility of the new sports tourer.

Forming the face of the New BMW R 1200 RS are the dynamically styled twin headlights, which apertures are shaped symmetrically similar to those in the BMW Motorrad touring segment while the reflectors, are asymmetric in form as in the brand’s sports motorcycles. An optional LED daytime running light then is centrally positioned between the two headlights in place of a black plastic cover.

Indeed, the New BMW R 1200 RS clearly spells power, dynamism and comfort – even from the rear. Its two C-shaped bands incorporated into the slim tail end form the rear light, while the distinctively styled pentagonal silencer symbolises the sports tourer’s electrifying responsiveness. The tail of the sports tourer is also furnished with delicately styled pillion grab handles and a separate licence plate holder, as well as an optional luggage bridge to considerably enhance the touring capabilities of the new RS.


The New BMW R 1200 RS also carries the original all-round qualities of the RS production bikes from almost 40 years ago. With a flat-twin boxer engine which is the same DOHC drive unit which powers the New BMW R 1200 GS, the New BMW R 1200 GS Adventure and the New BMW R 1200 RT, the new sports tourer delivers a maximum output of 125 hp and a peak torque of 125 Nm. The stand out qualities of the boxer engine with its two overhead camshafts include uniform torque delivery, an extremely wide usable rev range and dynamic forward propulsion. Over 100 Nm is constantly on tap throughout the usable rev band and as a result of the modified airbox and new rear silencer, the torque figures at low revs are even slightly higher than on the New BMW R 1200 GS, GS Adventure and RT variants.

The 1,170cc boxer engine employs air/liquid cooling with a water/glycol solution as the cooling agent. This ensures more efficient heat dissipation, resulting in even greater thermal stability as well as ensures only the parts of the engine that are particularly exposed to thermal stress are cooled. The vertical flow through the cylinder heads meanwhile allows for optimum charging, while the six-speed gearbox as well as a light-action oil bath clutch with anti-hopping function and low operating forces are incorporated into the engine housing.

The secondary drive runs via the maintenance-free cardan shaft that is positioned on the left-hand side, while the right side of the new RS houses a steeply angled 2-in-1 exhaust system with a controlled exhaust valve. A redesigned airbox, specially shaped air intake snorkels and a compact, centrally positioned radiator allow the various elements to be packaged tightly together, resulting in a slender front silhouette.

As a sports tourer developed to cater to the many motorcycle enthusiasts who yearn for sportiness, comfort and long-distance capabilities from a motorcycle, the New BMW R 1200 RS is built around a completely new developed chassis. The tubular steel bridge frame which incorporates the flat-twin engine as a self-supporting element which was purpose-developed for the new sports tourer, as well as the real frame with forged aluminium pegs for the rider and pillion passenger footrests all underline the core qualities of the New BMW R 1200 RS – sportiness and dynamism.

The new RS also ensures light-footed handling and great riding precision accompanied by maximum stability. This is reflected in a steering head angle of 62.3 and a wheel castor of 114.8 mm, alongside a balanced 51:49 weight distribution and a wheelbase of 1,530 mm.

The front wheel of the new sports tourer is also equipped with a top-class upside-down telescopic fork with 45 mm sanchions thereby providing the basis for excellent braking rigidity and a very direct wheel location for optimum riding precision. It also delivers clear feedback from the front wheel, which spring travel is 140 mm. The rear wheel meanwhile is carried out by the tried-and-tested EVO Paralevel single-sided swingarm. The suspension and damping of the wheels are then performed by a central spring strut. With the ease of using a hand wheel, the spring preload can be adjusted hydraulically, while the rebound damping can be infinitely adjusted.

The versatility of the new BMW R 1200 RS can be further enhanced with two riding modes – “Rain” and “Road” – featured as standard alongside traction-enhancing Automatic Stability Control (ASC) as well as ABS system which substantially increase the range of use of the new sports tourer while ensuring riding safety. Riders can also opt for the optional “Dynamic” and “User” riding modes with the Riding mode Pro feature which also includes Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) instead of the standard ABS system.

The dynamic riding experience on the new BMW R 1200 RS can be taken to even greater heights when riders opt for the latest generation of the electronically controlled suspension BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment). With Dynamic ESA, the new sports tourer will deliver unprecendented levels of riding safety, performance and comfort as the damping is automatically adapted to the prevailing conditions to suit the riding situation. For example, when in the “Road” setting, Dynamic ESA provides just the right level of damping at the spring elements regardless of the riding situation or the load being carried. While Dynamic ESA is present to the “Road” damping set-up in standard configuration, riders can easily switch to the “Dynamic” damper mapping while on the move by pressing a button on the handlebar, which activates an altogether firmer damper setting.

The adjustment for Dynamic ESA is carried out in a matter of milliseconds by means of electrically actuated control valves. Even in a banked position, this allows the rider to enjoy an unprecedented level of damping comfort and beautifully stable handling characteristics. Of course, the dose of dynamism in the new BMW R 1200 RS can be further added with the optional new Gear Shift Assist Pro which allows the rider to accelerate more safely. By using a sensor box with banking detection, upshifts and downshifts of the new sports tourer can be made without operating the clutch or throttle valve.

The new RS also comes complete with a powerful braking system to match its high-performance credentials. It comprises of a two radial four-piston fixed callipers, which teams up with 320 mm brake discs at the front while the rear braking is controlled by a 276 mm single-disc brake system with a two-piston floating calliper. Further highlighting the styling and lightweight construction of the New BMW R 1200 RS are the 17-inch light-alloy 10 spoke wheels at the front and rear, with sizes 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17 respectively. However, in pursuit of reducing the weight further, the front wheel is fitted with a “hub cage” which enables direct mounting of the brake discs without any additional adapters.

Looking on the inside, the New BMW R 1200 RS is fitted with footrests and a seating position which results in a wonderfully precise steering sensation, and is of course accompanied by the excellent ergonomic qualities that BMW Motorrad is known for. The ergonomically advanced seat forms the basis for a perfect bond between the rider and machine and ensures fatigue-free riding pleasure even on long journeys. Seats which vary in terms of height, design and comfort are available as optional upgrades, thus allowing plenty of scope for adaptation to the riders’ individual preference.

In keeping with the original intended use as an on-road bike, the new sports tourer is equipped with a multifunctional instrument cluster which features an analogue speedometer. This is accompanied by a TFT display serving up a wide array of information. A light sensor is also used to automatically adjust the brightness levels of the ambient light and to switch between day and night designs. Apart from that, the new RS also comes complete with an onboard computer featured as standard. It offers a choice of three display modes – the full mode Style 0, the sporty mode Style 1, and the tourist mode Style 2 – each showing different information according to the rider’s preference. However, the range of information can be extended by having the onboard computer Pro fitted as an optional upgrade.


To complete the powerful yet distinctive sports touring personalities of the New BMW R 1200 RS, two different styling variants are made available. The basic variant features the colour schemes of Lupin Blue Metallic or Light Grey Metallic, while the “Style 2” variant features Granite Grey Metallic Matt or Black Storm Metallic.

The retail prices on the road, without insurance and including GST for the New BMW S 1000 XR and the New BMW R 1200 RS are:

BMW S 1000 XR           –           RM 112, 900.00

BMW R 1200 RS           –           RM 101, 900.00

The new motorcycles from BMW Motorrad are also complemented with special four year financing programs from BMW Credit Malaysia with an offer of ownership of the New BMW S 1000 XR from a monthly installment of RM 1, 588.00 and the ownership of the New BMW R 1200 RS from a monthly installment of RM 1, 488.00.

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