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Canon New Digital Compact Lineup offers no compromise with Powerful ZoomPlus


Kuala Lumpur (1 April 2015) Canon today announced the release of the POWERSHOT SX410 HS and IXUS 275 HS that feature high-quality components.

The 20.0-megapixel POWERSHOT SX410 HS impresses with a 40x long zoom, is simple to operate with just one hand, and features an easy-to-grip body that offers stability. The IXUS 275 HS is a high performance 20.2-megapixel camera equipped with 12x optical zoom and Full HD movie recording capability in the lifestyle IXUS range.

“The IXUS 275 HS and POWERSHOT SX410 HS are designed for users who want a reliable compact camera that promises a steady zoom. With both models offering at least 20.0 megapixels, DIGIC image processors and superior lenses, the cameras will provide superior image quality even with the ZoomPlus technology activated,” said Donny Ling, Director of Imaging Communication Products Division, Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. “With its remote shooting function and NFC capabilities, the IXUS 275 HS offers social media savvy users convenience in capturing and sharing photos.”

Stability in 40x long range zoom

The POWERSHOT SX410 HS is a 20.0-megapixel camera built with a powerful 40x, 24-960mm f/3.5 – f/6.3 zoom lens to give users the ability to take close up photos of distant subjects. With the aid of Canon’s ZoomPlus technology, the zoom range can be doubled to a staggering 80x without any noticeable loss in quality. The powerful zoom lens encapsulated in a compact design will be particularly attractive to travellers.

The advanced Canon DIGIC 4+ image processor works hand in hand with the 20.0-megapixel CCD sensor to capture distinctly sharp and clear images throughout its wide zoom range.

Sharp images at long zoom range are highly dependent on the camera to be held stably and the POWERSHOT SX410 HS addresses this concern with its grip-type camera design. This ergonomic design enables users to grip onto the camera comfortably and securely over a longer period of time to capture more brilliant shots. The dials and buttons are also well-placed on one side of the camera to facilitate the ease of operating with just one hand.

Canon PowerShot SX410 HS
Canon PowerShot SX410 HS

Brilliant performance in a new IXUS

The latest addition to IXUS range of digital compact cameras, IXUS 275 HS, impresses with its top-notch performance while keeping true to its design philosophy of simplicity and elegance. Images are captured with a 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 4+ image processor, which results in clear high-resolution photos with vivid colours. Canon’s HS system provides high levels of sharpness even in low-light conditions like at night or in dark environments. The camera also features a 12x optical zoom lens, and 24x zoom using ZoomPlus technology.

Designed for casual users, the IXUS 275 HS offers intuitive features that make photography an easy and delightful activity. The new Auto Zoom system perceptively detects and counts the faces of human subjects for the camera to automatically determine the size and framing of the image, then applying the appropriate zoom ratio for the ideal composition of a group shot. This is particularly helpful when the camera is in unfamiliar hands.

Easy Connectivity for Sharing on the Go

With in-built Wi-Fi capability, the IXUS 275 HS enables swift uploading of photos to social media platforms for experiences to be shared instantaneously with family and friends. With NFC support, the IXUS 275 HS can easily connect to smart devices for transfer of images and videos. With a simple tap, the two devices will automatically pair up to allow for data transfer.

Featuring smart device app integration, remote shooting function can be activated through the Camera Connect app when connected to a smartphone or tablet. This app also allows the smart device to function as a secondary screen for the camera, along with shooting controls.

Canon IXUS 275 HS
Canon IXUS 275 HS

Pricing and availability

The POWERSHOT SX410 is available in Malaysia market now at recommended retail price of RM799 (inclusive of 6% GST). The IXUS 275 HS will be available at the end of April.

For more information, log on to www.canon.com.my.

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