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Review: Jabra ROX Wireless Earbuds



Have you been listening to music with those earphones that keep getting tangled up every time you stash ’em away in your bag, pouch or even one of those fancy casings? Jabra has the answer to tangle-free earphones and of course since its a Jabra, its wireless and comes with a mic. There are a few notable competitors in the market and Jabra is stepping up to the challenge.

The ROX comes in a plastic case just like the previously reviewed premium Revo Wireless headphones. Contained in the box are 4 sets of ColorCore EarGels, 3 sets of Jabra EarWings, 1 Fitclip, 1 USB cable, 1 protective bag, manual booklets, Jabra Sound App unique registration leaflet and a 1 year warranty leaflet. The minimalistic design of the ROX makes it pretty easy to use and keep. The first thing you will notice upon taking it out of the box is the magnetised earpiece. The magnetised parts feature brushed stainless steel accents, giving it a premium look. Simply “click” the earbuds together to conserve energy and keep it tangle-free. The ROX measures 16.5x20x16mm and weighs 19grams, so its really not that heavy and can be easily stored in your pockets.


The cable has a rubbery touch to it and is actually extremely durable for wear and tear. It is designed and built for dust, shock and water resistant. It can literally survive in almost any weather condition. So fret not to take it out on the road or the gym and sweat it out while keeping it in your ears. You can attach the earwings that came with the earphones for a better fit. Though I personally can make do without the earwings.

The audio control is located on the right side of the earphones and on the left earpiece is an LED indicator. If you take a closer look on the left earpiece, you will actually see that you can flip the metal cap open. A micro USB is present for charging purposes. It takes about two and a half hours for a complete charge. The LED lights up green when the battery is fully charged. I kept the earphones busy with non-stop music streaming and it lasted more or less five to six hours. It definitely did not last long enough, but of course you can always recharge during lunch time to extend its battery life. On paper, Jabra claims that upon a full charge you will get 5 and a half hours of talk time, 432 hours of standby time and 6 hours of music play time.

Jabra Rox_wireless_white_02

The ROX has an operation range of 10 meters, so do not go too far from your device or you will have a choppy connection. It runs on Bluetooth 4.0 technology and it can pair up to 8 different devices with the first connected device being the primary device to connect when its turned on. 2 different devices can be paired to the ROX simultaneously. You can also pair the device via NFC (phone dependent).

Simply swing the ROX over your neck and plug the earbuds in. Performance wise, the ROX does a pretty good job at different music genre and of course the heavy bass that keeps you moving when you’re on the treadmill. The groove on the audio controls gives good tactile feedback. You will definitely know which button to press when you reach for it. The earwings give a better grip however I personally prefer it without the earwings. Voice calls are pretty much crystal clear on both ends. When not in use, just clip the ear buds together to conserve battery power. The multi function button allows for play and pause music and answer and reject calls. Other phone functions such as voice dialing and last redial number is phone dependent. The Jabra ROX wireless is available in white and black respectively.

Jabra_Rox_wireless_black_01In a nutshell the Jabra ROX wireless does the job the deserves a two thumbs up. However its a little pricey for everyone to own since its in the premium category.


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