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Schneider Electric Unveils ULTI EZinstall3



Kuala Lumpur (3 July 2014) — Today, at the 15th International Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition (Archidex) in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, introduced ULTI EZinstall3 Mini Smart Home Control solution and Kavacha range of waterproof and weatherproof electrical socket protection solutions to meet the growing demand for safer and smarter homes.

“As home control becomes increasingly mainstream, anyone should be able to afford automated homes that can be customized to their needs and budget,” said Chang See Yin, Assistant Sales Manager of Schneider Electric Malaysia, Lifespace. “Schneider Electric’s ULTI EZinstall3 Mini Smart Home Control will give home owners the opportunity to experience green comfort living at an affordable price and with a hassle-free installation that can be done as quickly as five minutes.”

ULTI EZinstall3 Mini Smart Home Control solution allows for lighting, curtains and home devices such as TVs and air-conditioners to be controlled from a single device, bringing a great convenience of home automation to everyone. While most home control systems require extensive rewiring and troublesome home renovations in order to connect all the components, ULTI’s EZinstall3 mini home control system uses an innovative wireless network that eliminates the need for costly and complicated rewiring but gives you all the benefits of a state-of-the-art smart home.

Schneider Electric is not only making homes smarter, but safer too and in this line, the company also showcased the Kavacha range of domestic weatherproof and waterproof electrical sockets, uniquely designed to offer full-time socket protection in home areas that are susceptible to water, rain and moisture such as the door entrance, bathrooms, kitchen, garage and gardens.

Makes Retrofitting Any Home a Breeze
For homes new or old, the ULTI EZinstall3 Mini Smart Home Control is simple to use and install. ULTI features ZigBee radio frequency remote control which minimizes signal interference, giving more options when selecting the building and decorative materials. ZigBee’s peer-to-peer wireless mesh networking also ensures that there is a stable and reliable automation throughout the entire home.

Additionally, ULTI EZinstall3 allows homeowners to :

  • Control everything from one place including
    • Light Up Your Life, Your Way – ULTI EZinstall3 lets you freely customize your home’s lighting fixtures with various light intensities. The system facilitates the creation of various ambiences – from cosy peacefulness to passionate romance – perfect for any occasion.
    • Control Both Your TV and Air Conditioner – With the additional IR converter, ULTI EZinstall3 can expand to control your TV and air-conditioner too. You can now channel surf your favorite TV channels or fine-tune the temperature of air conditioner to suit your mood – all from one place!
  • Control your home from anywhere
    ULTI user interface is a new, simple-to-use mobile application that is compatible with both iOS and Android and allows the full control through mobile devices. Left the house and forgot to turn off your air-conditioning? Just whip out your mobile device and correct the mistake from wherever you are. All you need to do is install the customizable ULTI user interface application.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly and customizable interface
    Want your profile to look the way you want it to? Yes you can! With ULTI user interface, users can assemble and personalize dashboard views to support individual usage patterns. What’s more, you can also customize your favorite scene icons with your own personal images.

Enables Green Living without Compromising on Comfort
For most households, lighting and air conditioning are inevitably the largest contributors to energy spend. ULTI EZinstall3 allows owners to control energy use around the home through smart automation, which uses time scheduling to avoid unnecessary wastage.

By combining technology, aesthetics, safety and design, owners now can bring their homes to the next level of comfort they will not want to leave unless absolutely necessary!

For more information on Schneider Electric’s ULTI EZinstall3 Mini Smart Home Control solution and the Kavacha range, please visit [http://www.schneider-electric.com.my].

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