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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (30 July 2014) – Hot weather is synonymous with Malaysia and some days it can get unbearable. In addition to the intense heat, Malaysia is plagued with the return of the haze lately. From the unique Samsung Paper Air Purifier, the striking triangular-shaped Samsung Triangle Air Conditioner and the stylish Samsung Q9000 Floor Standing Air Conditioner, Samsung has a range of digital appliances ready to help our Malaysian consumers tackle the hot hazy weather.

“Samsung Digital Appliances empowers consumers’ lives by turning every moment into an enjoyable experience. The latest range of Samsung’s air solutions are engineered to deliver exceptional cooling, comfort and hygiene benefits for a healthier and cooler home,” said Lee Dong Yong, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Breathe in Healthier Air with the Samsung Paper Air Purifier
It is much easier to notice the dirt in the water that we drink than the air that we breathe in everyday. With the haze showing a return, it is even more vital for Malaysian households to own in an air purifier that will be able to allow you and your family to enjoy quality air. The Samsung Paper Air Purifier is equipped with High Efficiency Premium Filters, Massive Nano Humidification and Virus Doctor plus S-Plasma Ion to filter through the hazy air and give optimum air purification.

Samsung Paper Air Purifier - Right-Angle_White

The Samsung Paper Air Purifier is not just equipped with one filter but multilayered premium filtration that includes the Pre filter, HEPA filter and Deodorization active carbon filter. Trust these filters to collect the dusts and smoke particles from the hazy air. The Pre filter helps collect big dusts and particles in advance, whilst the HEPA filter traps microscopic dust and animal fur. Finally, the Deodorization active carbon filter does the work of removing unpleasant odours in your home.

Samsung’s unique Massive Nano Humidification technology controls humidity through a disk type evaporation to maintain optimised humidity condition [40% ~ 60%] for a healthy amount of moisture in the air.  In addition to these features, Samsung’s S-Plasma ion technology is definitely what any Malaysian home needs in this hot hazy weather. Unlike conventional passive filters, the S-Plasma sends out hydrogen atoms and oxygen ions to scour the room for influenza viruses, fungi, bacteria, allergen particles and eliminate all other airborne impurities. The result is a strong sterilising effect for cleaner and healthier indoor air quality.

In addition to the S-Plasma Ion feature, the Samsung Paper Air Purifier comes with the revolutionary Virus Doctor Plasma Ionizer that generates Hydrogen atoms and Oxygen ions to convert biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses into harmless water vapour. It removes common home allergens such as dust mites and micro organisms and helps to eliminate allergens that trigger rhinitis and asthma. The Virus Doctor also protects the skin by neutralising OH radical which is one of the causes of skin-aging.

Hazy weather notwithstanding, now you can breathe easy.

Samsung Triangle Air Conditioner Cools Air Faster, Farther and Wider
Deck out your living room with the funky new Samsung Triangle Air Conditioner that is engineered to deliver exceptional cooling in a striking triangular design. Also the world’s first air conditioner to be shaped in a triangle design, this innovative digital appliance allows for a wider inlet, wider outlet and bigger fans while maintaining a compact exterior profile to enhance the overall air conditioning experience.

Samsung Triangle Air Conditioner  - R-Perspective-Open_White

Its unique triangular design delivers improved performance by circulating cool air faster, farther and wider. In addition, it is also equipped with the Virus Doctor and Easy Filter that eliminates dust, contaminants, allergens, bacteria and viruses. For greater convenience, there are Samsung Triangle Air Conditioner models that come with Smart Wi-Fi function – allowing users to remotely control the functions and schedule its operation.

Powered by Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology, it automatically adjusts the speed of the key components such as motor and compressor according to the surrounding room temperature. As a result, consumers get more durability, less noise and energy savings – all backed by a 10-year warranty on the motor and compressor.

Enjoy Turbo Jet Cooling with the Samsung Q9000 Floor Standing Air Conditioner
The Samsung Q9000 Floor Standing Air Conditioner is designed to be slender and stylish, standing tall among other air conditioners. The compact design with a Crystal Gloss finish and Design-Ice Lighting adds a modern and sophisticated touch to your home. This new design is fitted with three powerful, spiral airflows powered by a jet engine mechanism that will cool down your home in turbo speed. Samsung Q9000 Floor Standing Air Conditioner - Product Image 1

With three separate fans that can be operated independently or together, you can enjoy seven types of airflows to suit your specific cooling needs. Choose from different types of cooling to suit various activities such as the Cleaning mode, Cooking mode, After-exercise mode, Reading mode, Sleeping mode, Refresh as well as the Season change mode.

Going beyond mere cooling performance, the Samsung Q9000 Floor Standing Air Conditioner also cleans, dehumidifies the air and eliminates viruses with Virus Doctor. With Samsung’s Air cleaning-Zero Filter, this magic film filter uses a magnet mechanism to keep the air clean and healthy, without missing even the tiniest particles of dust.

This model is also equipped with Samsung’s Digital Inverter technology that will optimise its operation in response to the surrounding temperature, minimising energy loss and giving you much energy savings.

With a little effort and some smart shopping, you can make a real difference in the air you breathe. Now with Samsung’s total air solutions, you will never want to leave your home.

The Samsung Paper Air Purifier retails at RM2,099. The Samsung Air Conditioner retails from RM1,049 to RM3,239 whereas the Samsung Q9000 Floor Standing Air Conditioner retails at RM8,900. These models are currently available in selected Samsung outlets and authorised dealers.

For further information, please visit www.samsung.com/my or Samsung Malaysia Facebook page at www.facebook.com/samsungmalaysia.

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