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Logitech's Chic Colours For Every Season



Kuala Lumpur (10 July 2014) — With every change of the season comes a need to reinvent your fashion style, be it your wardrobe or with your everyday tech accessories. Merging its latest accessories with the vibrant colours of each season, Logitech takes on a fashion forward approach to its 2014 collection of M235 mice, X100 Mobile Speakers and Folio Protective Case for the iPad® Air. The colours of Logitech’s 2014 collection invite its users to find ways of expressing their own personal style.

Inspired by colours of the four different seasons in a year, Logitech has made tech accessories fashionable that gives users subtle means of reflecting their personality and mood.

Logitech M235 Colour Collection

The Greens of Spring
Green symbolizes new life and nature blooming anew in the season of spring. Inspired by blooming flowers, fashion designers views green as the colour to refresh and revive. Lovers of green are also known as natural peacemakers and find joy in the simple act of giving back to Mother Nature.

Sizzling Hot Summer
With hot colours varying from red to yellow to orange, summer has a sizzling selection to pick from for the bold and daring. It is no surprise that fans of the vibrant hot hues are explorers at heart and have great potential to be pioneers and builders of the world.

Logitech Folio Protective Case iPad Air

Lost in Deep Autumn
As the season turns colder, it is time to go elegant and keep it cool in deep purple. Autumn is a time to frolic amongst the fallen leaves and admire the rich colours of the season or live out a fantasy world of their own as purple lovers tend to be unique and creative.

Frozen Blues of Winter
Much like the calm cold days of winter, the hues of blues signifies a peaceful and serene moment. Silent and peaceful, those who love shades of blue has characteristics of its season; calm, sincere and preserving but when needed would share a wise word or two.

Logitech X100 Mobile Speaker_family photo

“Logitech aims to be world leader in products that connects and enhances people’s digital experiences. We have taken it a step further by incorporating the fashion aspect into our tech through colours and this projects an individual’s personal style and personality. Without compromising on practicality, we want our users to be able to show their open expression of individuality by offering them an array of accessories for their gadgets in a variety of vibrant colours,” said KP Sim, Logitech Country Manager of Malaysia, Philippines & Brunei.
The wireless M235 mouse comes in four vibrant colours and is priced at a recommended price of RM59 while the X100 Mobile Speakers can be purchased at the suggested retail price of RM169 in four dual-coloured options. At RM159, iPad® Air users can choose from three colours to encase their device in with the Folio Protective Case.

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