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Logitech's Guide To Fathers' Day Gift



It’s June and one of the major day in June is Father’s Day. Even if your father doesn’t make a huge hoo-ha about it, still it is an opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day and show them how much we love and understand them. There’s no need to get all worked up for that one special gift for him. Here at Logitech, we understand them and know what would be suitable for them. Let’s try something extraordinary other than writing a card, buying him a cake or just giving him a hug. We believe that our father deserves more than just a card and this is how Logitech can helps you with.

A gift for your music-loving father
The Logitech Multimedia Speaker System Z443 delivers impressively powerful, true-to-life sound for fathers enjoying their music, videos, movies and games. It has a dark wood body, removable fabric grills and high-gloss control panel make for a sleek design that fits any contemporary interior. Yes, it is easy for your father to set it up, use and keep. We would recommend him to use it at his desktop or big screen to enhance his movie experience.


Has an old pair of expensive speaker that you bought back in the days?
No worries, just get one of Logitech’s new Bluetooth Audio Adapters and you’ll be playing awesome music to your expensive speakers in just a few steps. The Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter turns your favorite speakers into a wireless sound system for your smartphone and tablet. It has a Multipoint Bluetooth connectivity which let you simultaneously pair two devices to powered speakers with 3.5 mm or standard RCA connections from up to 50 feet away and stream stereo audio from either device.


Something for your awesome gamer father
There’s nothing better than killing zombies and saving the world with your father. What’s even better is getting him the Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse. It is fully customisable so your father can modify it to maximize victory potential and show off his personal style and individuality. Give this to your father to elevate his gaming experience with surface tuning calibration, weight adjustment, on-the-fly DPI shifting and 11 programmable buttons. Guess what, no more worrying on friendly fire or misdirection of grenade in your next game with him.


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