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LG Launches New Range Of Home Appliances



KUALA LUMPUR (7 May 2014) – LG Electronics Malaysia (LG) has reinforced its leadership in the home entertainment and home appliances segment by introducing a slew of products that feature the latest and most innovative technologies. Headlined by the world’s first Curved OLED TV, the product showcase event themed “With LG, It’s All Possible” marked LG’s dedication towards delivering differentiated values and experiences across its vast product line-up.

“This product showcase allows LG to demonstrate our continuous commitment to consumers that when it comes to innovation, smart technologies and stylish design, LG is incomparable. Today’s event also underlines LG’s distinct leadership in display technology with the introduction of the world’s first LG Curved OLED TV which has set a whole new benchmark in viewing experience,” said David Oh, Managing Director, LG Electronics Malaysia.

“Alongside the Curved OLED TV, we are also thrilled to introduce the Ultra HDTV, the smart TV operating system, webOS as well as LG’s home appliances product line-up,” added Oh.

Experience the Immersive Viewing of LG Curved OLED TV
The world’s first Curved OLED TV screen represents the most sophisticated invention yet in curved display technology to naturally meet the human vision range. The optimal form for any display provides equal distance from all parts of the screen to the eyes with the same apparent size whether they appear in the center of the screen or off to the side. At 55-inch, the LG Curved OLED TV provides perfect immersion into images as if they are really there instead of being in a flat two-dimensional plane.

“With a solid foundation in R&D and the integration of advanced and innovative technologies, we are confident the multi-award winning LG Curved OLED TV will raise the bar for an immersive viewing experience. LG will continue to leverage its technological and design expertise to drive the advancement of television into the next generation,” said Oh.


LG Ultra HD TV Attains New Levels of Picture Quality and Smart Operations
The new LG Ultra HD TVs offer an exceptional level of picture quality with a resolution rated at four times higher than Full HD and eight times higher than standard HD. With a resolution of 8.3 Megapixel, LG Ultra HD TVs are able to deliver incredibly vivid and crisp pictures even when viewed from close distances. The new LG Ultra HD TV can also transform ordinary picture quality to Ultra HD-like quality – thanks to an innovative feature known as ULTRA HD Resolution Upscaler.

Meanwhile, LG’s newest smart TV operating system, webOS, allows consumers to set up, search and view content. Connecting to other devices is also simplified thanks to webOS. The core features of webOS, which includes Simple Switching, Simple Discovery and Simple Connection, have also attained recognition from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Intertek.

LG Makes It All Possible with Smarter Home Solutions
In the home appliance product showcase, LG presented a wide range of products including refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioning units, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. LG refrigerators are highly rated due to the lower energy consumption, lower noise levels and higher durability. LG refrigerators also use a proprietary Inverter Linear Compressor technology which helps generates less internal friction thus offering more precise cooling control.


Smart washing is made possible through LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive which delivers customized cycles for a wide variety of fabrics. The 6 Motion Direct Drive technology available only in LG washing machines enables a TurboWash function to deliver clean and energy conserving washing among front loaders.


LG’s Dishwashers are renowned for energy efficiency features and at the same time designed to provide superior performance. The stylish finish of the dishwashers is a must have for any modern household.

LG D1454CF TrueSteam™ Dishwasher

Air conditioning units showcase LG’s relentless efforts in developing unique technology and innovations that help customers stay healthy while saving on energy costs. Powered by LG’s revolutionary Inverter V technology, LG air conditioners operate at maximum speed to reach the desired temperature quickly.

In efforts to ensure air quality, the LG Air Purifier removes odours, decompose allergens and filters bacteria with its 6-Step filtration function. Air quality is constantly kept-track with Smart Lighting – the air purifier will indicate by colour depending on whether the air is clean, slightly polluted or highly polluted.

Last but not least, LG revolutionizes home cleaning solutions with the introduction of its cutting edge, square-shaped robotic vacuum cleaner, the HOM-BOT SQUARE. This innovative product represents a leap forward in cleaning performance with LG’s newly designed Corner Master feature.

HOM-BOT_Ruby Red

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