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Available Now:PGI 14.4 Compiler Suite



Singapore (8 May 2014) – Version 14.4 of the PGI 2014 Compilers and Tools suite is now available, bringing new levels of performance and programming simplicity to high performance computing (HPC) customers.

Announced in February, PGI 2014 is the latest version of the industry’s leading suite of high-performance parallelising compilers and development tools. Verison 14.4 provides a number of performance and programmability enhancements, making it easier for HPC customers and developers to maximise the power of accelerators and multi-core CPU processors.

Available today from NVIDIA and authorised resellers, key features of the PGI Accelerator 14.4 suite included:

  • Expanded OpenACC features – Including loop directive collapse clause on deeply nested loops, parallel directive firstprivate clause, C structs/Fortran derived type member arrays in data clauses, and more.
  • Support for OpenACC in C++ Classes – Including static array class members, member pointers to dynamic arrays, and member functions and operators.
  • OpenACC device-side debugging – Supported using Allinea DTT.
  • Multi-core CPU features and enhancements – Improved SPEC OMP 2013 performance compared to PGI 14.1 on Intel Sandy Bridge processors, support for new AVX2 instructions on the latest Intel Haswell CPUs, and a new EDG C++ front-end with C++11 support.

Other new features and enhancements of PGI 14.4 include comprehensive support for environment modules, prebuilt versions of the popular NetCDF and HDF5 libraries, and new tutorials and code examples. For a complete list of PGI 14.4 features and capabilities, visit www.pgroup.com/doc/pgirn.pdf.

PGI 14.4 is available today directly from NVIDIA on the PGI website. Free evaluation versions of PGI software are available at www.pgroup.com/support/trial.htm. Registration is required.


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