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Mudah.my Tops Mobile Website Searches



KUALA LUMPUR (7 April 2014)– Mudah.my, Malaysia’s leading online classified website has been named the top website searched via mobiles on Google Trends in Malaysia in 2013. This marks a new milestone for the preferred online market place, as it has been in pole position of top desktop search for local sites since 2010.

Mudah.my - Omar Giri
Mr Omar Giri, General Manager, Mudah.my.

“The rise of Mudah.my to No.1 reflects the growing confidence of users in utilising technology and gadgets as a tool to achieve their goals. As of today, Mudah.my receives close to 11 million(1) unique visitors monthly, from both desktop and mobile users, with more than 900,000 items being traded daily. Mudah.my currently holds 19.8% Internet share, testament of consumers’ growing comfort with online transactions. We see potential of growth for Mudah.my as we see similar trends between shoppers online vis-à-vis offline,” commented Omar Giri, General Manager, Mudah.my; on the site’s market leadership position.

“In the advent of mobile accessibility, consumers look for user-friendly, quick and trust worthy access to information, products and services. Mudah.my offers that accessibility in a safe and conducive platform, connecting consumers to an online marketplace. Since its launch, the site has met the needs of its consumers, offering transactions in areas such as vehicles, jobs, travel packages, properties and home and personal items,” he added.

Malaysians showed varied interests while surfing the Internet. Based on the 2013 Google Trends results, each site was the top choice amongst their consumers, including Mudah.my.

Mobile has become the go-to platform for most businesses with high-traffic websites. Although mobile-friendly websites are nothing new, the changes in consumer behaviour has pushed mobile to the fore. More and more consumers are turning to their smart phones and tablets to research products showcased by television and mobile ads. This is in line with recent findings from a recent survey(2), noting that Malaysian smartphone penetration has increased to 63%. Brands are now reshaping the way they interact and connect with their consumers.

“We have seen how the Internet has changed business landscapes, and mobile accessibility welcomes more change. As an online service, we must look out for trends and future changes. It is interesting to note that the top five searches for vehicles on Mudah.my match that of cars with the most resale value. This shows that what happens in the automobile market is also reflected online,” said Omar.

“Staying relevant and having consumers trust is what drives the mobile industry – and this is evident in the banking, news and services industries. Once you have that trust, it doesn’t mean you can stop — you need to continuously build upon it,” concluded Omar.

Quick Facts in 2013

  • Other local sites rounding off the top 5 in the list include Maybank2u, Malaysiakini, Beautifulnara and AirAsia. To view the rest of the list visit this link.
  • Malaysia has the youngest mobile internet user base in South East Asia.
  • Mobile content downloaded in Malaysia is lesser than the regional average. This promises well for local sites, as there is room for growth in this sector.
  • The average users’ time spent on Mudah.my is 10:46 minutes per visit.
  • In Malaysia, key regions for surfing via mobiles on Mudah.my are the main cities and towns, owing to the larger urban demographics in the areas – Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johore, Sabah and Penang.
  • 5 most popular searched electronic brands via mobile on Mudah.my:
    1. Samsung (Galaxy Note)
    2. Apple (Iphone 4s and Iphone 5)
    3. Blackberry
    4. HTC
    5. Sony 
  • 5 most popular searched car brands via mobile on Mudah.my:
    1. Honda
    2. Proton Wira
    3. BMW
    4. Perodua Myvi
    5. Perodua Kancil

(1) Source: ATInternet Analysis, March 2013
(2) Ericsson ConsumerLab

Mudah.my infographic
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