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The Legends Circuit Grand Finals 2013


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Kuala Lumpur
– The Singapore Sentinels (SGS) emerged champion of The Legends Circuit (TLC) after making a huge comeback from the Lower Brackets of the Double Elimination tournament. They won the Challenger Trophy, RM 20,000 cash, Logitech and Intel products, as well as a spot in the Garena Premiere League (GPL) Spring 2013 season.

TLC is the ultimate journey for teams, offering a grueling 7-week long league competition, gathering Malaysia and Singapore’s best MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) players for an epic show down on League of Legends (LoL), published in the region by Garena Online. The TLC Grand Finals, which sold out all 500 tickets a week before the event, was sponsored by Logitech, Intel, Asus, Seagate, AOC, Apacer, Cooler Master and Jayacom.

Team Singapore Sentinels emerged champion, winning RM20, 000.00 in cash.

Day 1 featured not only action packed games but amazing Cosplay showcase performances from LoL that took some months to prepare and rehearse. 10 finalists took the stage as the audience and onlookers were dazzled by the performances. See Zi Huan, also known as Kazuko, took home RM 3,000 as the winner of the Cosplay competition as Jinx, the loose cannon.

Both days saw a total of almost 40,000 participants on site and some 3,000 viewers watching from the online portal, cheering the success of up and coming team Neo.iSG.Exile who made it through to the Grand Finals and became the first team to secure a spot for GPL Spring 2013 season through TLC.

The Legends Circuit offered total cash prizes amounting to RM100, 000.00, making it one of the biggest E-sports events in Malaysia in terms of prize value.
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