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MSI Unveils AMD Graphics Card Lineup



MSI R7_R9_smallTaipei, Taiwan (8 October 2013) – MSI is pleased to announce its new Graphics Cards based on AMD’s new R9 and R7 200 series GPUs. Featuring new models in the OVERCLOCKING, GAMING and CLASSIC segments, MSI is catering to the needs of everyone gearing up for Q4’s most anticipated gaming titles such as Battlefield 4. MSI’s new R9 270X HAWK is an engineering masterpiece. Redefining the performance segment with high-end design, components and features packed into a card that wows with its excellent cooler and overclocking performance. MSI’s GAMING graphics cards get a boost with no less than three models based on the R9 280X, R9 270X and R9 270. Applauded for their excellent all-round performance, the GAMING line-up takes the hassle out of overclocking thanks to the MSI GAMING APP making it an excellent choice for anyone that wants to get right down to what’s important for them, play games with more FPS.

MSI R9 270X HAWK – Stay cooler

The new MSI R9 270X HAWK, featuring the popular Twin Frozr IV Advanced cooler is setting a new standard for thermal performance. Sound Chamber testing showed the R9 270X HAWK nearly inaudible during benchmarking. In fact, measurement has shown that the sound level of the card barely increased from idle 20.64 dBA to full load (Furmark burn-in testing) 21.35 dBA. This excellent cooling performance puts the R9 270X HAWK in an great position for overclockers to overclock their graphics card to get more performance. The R9 270X HAWK comes with a powerful 13 Phase setup to allow anyone to overclock the R9 270X GPU to the max.


MSI’s GAMING lineup gets a big expansion with all new AMD SKUs in the shape of the R9 280X GAMING, R9 270X GAMING and R9 270 GAMING. Kept cool by the familiar Twin Frozr IV Advanced, the MSI GAMING graphics cards come bundled with the MSI GAMING APP, which is an easy tool that takes all of the fuzz out of overclocking and gives a simple one-click solution to get more performance out of your graphics card. Stability and lifetime are never an issue either. With custom PCBs designed for higher efficiency the GAMING cards remain cooler while the Military Class 4 components used ensure high stability while gaming

CLASSIC quality you can rely on

MSI CLASSIC lineup now includes PropellerBlade Fan Technology on all models. Cooled by a large 10cm or 9cm fan, these new R7 260X, R7 250 and R7 240 cards come in the traditional MSI black and blue and besides the Thermal upgrade they feature Military Class 4 components, MSI Afterburner support.


MSI’s Classic range of affordable graphic cards.


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