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MALAYSIA (10th October 2013) — HP today announced the expansion of its Z portfolio  of professional workstation and display products, including the world’s first workstation Ultrabook™—the HP ZBook 14(1)—and the industry’s first line of workstations to offer Intel’s Thunderbolt technology for high-speed data transfer.(2)

The new portfolio includes three new HP ZBook Mobile Workstations, five new HP Z Displays and processor and graphic enhancements to the award-winning line of HP Z Desktop Workstations.

The HP Z family of products is engineered to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding customers, where mission-critical operations require the best performance and reliability. The first workstations to incorporate Thunderbolt, select HP Z Mobile and Desktop Workstations can now take advantage of high-speed data transmission between Z Workstations, displays and peripherals, providing the industry’s fastest, most versatile I/O connection.

Ideal for professionals in engineering, CAD, architecture, design, animation, film, education, government and healthcare, the HP Z portfolio of products has been engineered, tested and certified for professional applications.

“Professional customers rely on trusted partners to provide technology solutions that are tested and certified for the mission-critical applications they run,” said Loh Wai Mun, Country Category Manager, Printing and Personal System Group, HP Malaysia. “The HP Z subbrand has become a hallmark for professional products engineered to the highest standards—the expansion of the Z portfolio demonstrates HP’s commitment to the professional market that many other vendors have abandoned.”

HP reinvents the mobile workstation

With the introduction of the HP ZBook portfolio, HP has reinvented the mobile workstation and infused it with the HP Z DNA that customers around the world have come to recognize. The new HP ZBook Mobile Workstations now feature a new thinner and lighter industrial design. The HP ZBook family includes the world’s first workstation Ultrabook—the HP ZBook 14—as well as the HP ZBook 15 and 17.

Designed for workstation-class professionals that demand mobility, the new HP ZBook Mobile Workstations feature 4th Generation Intel® Haswell dual and quad-core processor options(4) and next-generation graphics technologies from NVIDIA and AMD, including the newly announced Keplar-based professional graphics from NVIDIA. The HP ZBook Mobile Workstations all feature innovative tool-free chassis for easy upgrades and serviceability.

The HP ZBook 14 also comes with the option of a touch-enabled panel, making it a great choice for anyone who likes a hands-on experience. The HP ZBook 15 will include an option for a super-high-resolution QHD + 3,200 x 1,800 display, providing greater detail in images for customers that require extreme image accuracy. The HP ZBook 15 and 17 feature a Thunderbolt port, as well as an optional DreamColor Display panel that provides accurate and consistent color from the display to print and the big screen.

HP Z Workstations get a boost with Ivy Bridge and Thunderbolt

Adding to the already powerful line of HP Z Desktop Workstations, the HP Z420, Z620 and Z820 Workstations have been updated to include the latest Intel Xeon®(4) E5-1600v2 and E5-2600v2 family of processors—also called Ivy Bridge—as well as new memory running 16 percent faster (3) and 2nd generation Thunderbolt ports for creative work flows. The addition of Thunderbolt will accelerate creative projects with data transfer speeds four times faster than the bandwidth of USB 3.0, easily connecting multiple devices with just one single, compact Thunderbolt port.

The dual-socket HP Z820 Workstation delivers exceptional performance, award-winning industrial design and tool-free serviceability in the industry’s most expandable chassis.  The HP Z820 offers up to 24 processing cores up to 512 GB of ECC memory,(5) up to 15 TB of high-speed storage,(6) and up to two NVIDIA K6000 graphics.

The HP Z620 Workstation packs computing and visualization power into a quiet, compact footprint. The HP Z620 is HP’s most versatile workstation, providing up to 24 discrete processing cores, up to 192 GB of ECC memory, up to 12 TB of high-speed storage, and up to NVIDIA K6000 or dual NVIDIA K5000 graphics for high-speed graphics performance.

HP’s most popular workstation, the HP Z420, includes up to eight processing cores using the latest Intel Xeon processor E5-1600 v2 and E5-2600 v2 product families, providing up to 64 GB of ECC memory, up to 12 TB of high-speed storage, and NVIDIA Quadro K6000 or AMD W7000, or dual NVIDIA K2000 graphics. The enhanced HP Z420 Workstation provides new levels of performance and expandability in an accessible tool-free mini-tower form factor—and at a great price.

HP Tower and Small Form Factor Workstations redefine affordable performance and flexibility

The HP Z230 delivers next-generation processor and graphics technologies in two redesigned models. Users can choose between an amazingly capable Small Form Factor (SFF) for constrained spaces, and a new compact Tower that is impressively expandable. Created for a totally immersive work environment for those who demand reliability and performance on a budget, the HP Z230 Tower and HP Z230 Small Form Factor are also designed for heavy 24x7x365 workloads.

Engineered to impress, the redesigned HP Z230 Small Form Factor Workstation provides the capability and flexibility users demand in a 57% smaller form factor than the tower. Users will experience impressive performance, unbelievable storage capacity, wide variety of I/O slots and ports and amazing flexibility while retaining the small form factor size.

Meanwhile, the HP Z230 Tower Workstation features complete computing power in a new compact design. The tower is designed to grow along with a companys business so that they can

scale and expand by adding more storage and connectivity whenever they need it. The tower allows users to enhance their storage capacity with six available drive bays including a 2.5-inch HD bay for high speed solid state drives. Further, the optional ergonomic Handle in Top ODD Bay allows tool free installation of SSD Hard Drives for easy expandability.

HP Z Displays provide excellent image accuracy

Adding to the company’s line of professional displays, the new HP Z22i, Z23i, Z24i, Z27i and Z30i IPS Displays are ideal for designers, content creators and knowledge workers across the enterprise who need outstanding image accuracy, exceptional adjustability and mission-critical reliability optimized for professionals.

The new displays provide excellent coverage of the sRGB color space—the standard color space for the web, and for the majority of engineering, creative and professional applications—With the HP Z27i and Z30i both offering 100 percent coverage.(3) The HP Z30i also covers 100 percent of the Adobe® RGB color space, commonly used in photography and digital prepress workflows.

Built with IPS Gen 2 panels, the HP Z Displays deliver power savings of up to 37 percent compared to HP’s first-generation IPS technology products, yet still deliver the same excellent color accuracy across wide viewing angles as compared with IPS Gen 1. The HP Z Displays are ENERGY STAR® qualified and EPEAT® Gold registered. All displays feature an HP four-way adjustable stand that includes the HP QR2 quick release and are TCO Certified. To free up valuable desk space, an HP Thin Client Mount Kit is also available for the HP Z24i, Z27i and Z30i, allowing users to securely mount an HP Thin Client or Ultra Slim desktop to the back of the display.

HP Z Workstation_WaiMun
Wai Mun Loh and Frankie Chan with the HP ZBook Mobile Workstations.

Pricing and availability(7)

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(1) Not all configurations qualify as an Ultrabook.

(2) Thunderbolt is new technology.  Thunderbolt cable and Thunderbolt device (sold separately) must be compatible with Windows. To determine whether your device is Thunderbolt Certified for Windows, see https://thunderbolttechnology.net/products.Internet access required.

(3) All specifications represent the typical specifications provided by HP’s component manufacturers; actual performance may vary either higher or lower.

(4) Multi-Core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. 64-bit computing on Intel architecture requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, BIOS, operating system, device drivers, and applications enabled for Intel 64 architecture. Processors will not operate (including 32-bit operation) without an Intel 64 architecture-enabled BIOS.  Performance will vary depending on your hardware and software configurations.

(5) Maximum memory capacities assume Windows 64-bit operating systems or Linux. With Windows 32-bit operating systems, memory above 3 GB may not all be available due to system resource requirements.

(6) For storage drives, GB = 1 billion bytes, TB = 1 trillion btyes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to 30GB of system disk is reserved for system revocery software.

(7) Estimated street prices. Actual prices may vary.


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