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Review: Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite (Touch)

An affordable ultraportable for the everyman, the ATIV Book 9 Lite has lots of hidden goodies tucked within that petite body. The case design harkens to a Samsung’s own premium Series 9 lineup, and comes in either black or white. Do not that there are two variants of the ATIV, with the black variant equipped with a touch display, while the white one swaps touch functionality for an anti-reflective display. Nevertheless, both variants come with a 13.3-inch display cranking out a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.


Tucked within the ATIV Book 9 Lite is an unnamed quad-core processor paired with 4GB of RAM, and with a 128GB SSD joining in, you’re getting a pretty fast machine. Graphics pwer comes in the form of an AMD Radeon HD 8250 graphics unit, which lets you play older, less demanding titles when you’ve punched out. Connectivity-wise, Samsung has provided quite the amount of connector ports, with two USB ports (one USB 3.0 and another USB 2.0) and smaller variants of VGA, HDMI and Ethernet ports.

In PCMark05, the ATIV Book 9 Lite performed within expectations, with the SSD doing particularly well. Of course, the scores could be higher, but as a general workhorse, the ATIV should suffice.


The same results can be seen in PCMark7, where the ultraportable produced scores that are expected from a CPU of its caliber.


What the ATIV lacks in raw computing power, it makes up in battery life, capable of surviving just short of five and a half hours under a balance between work and play. If you’re purely paperwork-crunching, the charge can definitely be extended. If you have a GALAXY smartphone, you can use SideSync, an application that lets you control your device a well as exchange content through the notebook.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive ultraportable, this might do just the trick.


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