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New AMD FM2+ Motherboards from MSI



MSI FM2+_smallTaipei, Taiwan (September  25th, 2013) – MSI is pleased to announce the new A88X-G43 motherboard featuring the new AMD A88X chipset and FM2+ socket for all current FM2 Trinity and Richland APUs and AMD’s upcoming 4th generation APUs for FM2+ codenamed Kaveri. AMD APUs are known for their excellent gaming and multi-media experience and support a wide range of display solutions.

The MSI A88X-G43 has support for 3+1 screen Eyefinity and thanks to the HDMI 1.4 connector; it supports 4K resolutions (3840×2160) which provides much crisper images and life-like images on the biggest monitors currently available. Striving to provide consumers with the highest quality and most stable products, MSI utilizes its new Military Class 4 components for the all new MSI FM2+ series. These key components have all been certified to seven MIL-STD-810G tests to ensure stable operation under the harshest conditions.

Additionally, MSI’s new FM2+ series motherboards are also equipped with many exclusive technologies, including the one-second overclocking OC Genie 4 with two-stage performance settings, the 4th generation of the world’s first graphical BIOS interface, Click BIOS 4 and the Control Center software that combines monitoring, tuning and remote controlling functionality.

This combination of excellent hardware, software and the widest selection of motherboards, which will be announced very soon, make MSI FM2+ motherboards the best choice for all FM2 and FM2+ APUs.


MSI FM2+ table
Table showing the different SKUs for the new FM2+ motherboards.
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