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Infographic: Premium Service Abusers



 The number of malicious and high-risk mobile apps in popular platform like Android hits 718,000 in June 2013, double of those recorded just six months earlier. The rapid growth of such apps especially fake apps, poses great privacy and financial risks to users of the mobile web. Fake apps usually ride on the popularity of legitimate apps, for instance a recent fraud that involves a bogus voicemail notification email from WhatsApp where unsuspecting victims were tricked to download a fake app. This fake app will then send out a message to subscribe to premium-rated SMS. This kind of threat is known as ‘premium service abusers’ and today, it makes up 44% of the malicious apps worldwide detected by Trend Micro.

Please log on to the Trend Micro Blog to find out more on:

  • Countries that are most affected by premium service abusers
  • Malicious routines usually performed by fake apps


Trend Micro Infographic, The High Cost of Premium Service Abusers

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