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Sennheiser Unveils MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphones


Kuala Lumpur (27 August 2013) – Quality, substance and value: audio specialist Sennheiser developed the MOMENTUM headphones for people who take pride in these properties and refuse to compromise on sound or design. Equipped with high-quality audio technology and finished with the finest materials, the MOMENTUM unites form and function like no other headphones. Now, Sennheiser is introducing the MOMENTUM On-Ear. This smaller, on-ear version makes it possible to define your personal style with a range of contemporary colours.

Sennheiser Momentum On-ear Headphones

The MOMENTUM On-Ear is a new addition to the MOMENTUM family, adding a dash of colour to the Sennheiser product range. The headphones are available in four fresh shades. Available in blue, green, pink and ivory, the MOMENTUM On-Ear has the perfect combination of sound and style and is every bit as impressive as the rest of the MOMENTUM range.

Mr. Ng Chee Soon, President & Managing Director of Sennheiser Asia comments: “The new MOMENTUM On-Ear embodies an urban style that’s focused on high performance and the finest materials. They are the perfect choice for those who demand top quality and want to express this through their own personal style. It appeals to trendsetters who are proud of their own independent sense of taste and flair – and who are no afraid to flaunt it.”

High-Quality audio technology and the finest materials

The minimalist design of the MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones coupled with the tangibly high quality of materials and workmanship makes these headphones stand out. The ear pads and headband have been finished in Alcantara®, a high-tech material produced in Italy. As a result of its unique combination of suppleness, durability and breathable comfort, this luxury material is valued by fashion designers and interior designers alike. As with all other models in the MOMENTUM family, the headband of the MOMENTUM On-Ear is made of stainless steel.

The sound of these headphones is also clear and uncompromising, creating a sound experience in which even the tiniest details can be heard. Equipped with high-end 18-ohm transducers, MOMENTUM On-Ear guarantees full stereo sound with a slight bass emphasis in a frequency range from 16 to 22,000 Hz. Thanks to their closed, on-ear design, these headphones isolate the listener from external noise to ensure a great listening experience on the move – even in noisy urban environments

Perfection in every detail

MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones feature a single-sided detachable cable with convenient in-line remote and microphone for Apple iDevices for easy control of music playback and to make and receive calls on the go.

The new member of the MOMENTUM family is available in the colours blue, green, pink, and ivory at authorised retailers and selected Sennheiser sales partner stores retailing for RM809.

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