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Samsung Malaysia Electronics Introduces Evolution Kit



Kuala Lumpur (July 15, 2013) – Samsung Malaysia Electronics introduced its Evolution Kit to preserve the value of Samsung TV, extending their lifespan. This hand-sized kit delivers Samsung’s commitment to offer consumers a way to stay up-to-date with the new technology.

It is an innovative concept that enables Samsung 2012 Smart TV (Series 7500 and above) to evolve into the new Samsung 2013 Smart TV by inserting the Evolution Kit into a slot at the back of a Samsung Smart TV.

“We see that the TV you purchased a year ago is considered outdated now due to rapidly changing TV technology and a huge change in hardware,” said Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics. “With that thought in mind, the Evolution Kit was created to keep the value from declining after making a purchase, and preserve the TV’s worth by upgrading both hardware and software.” In short, the Evolution Kit was developed as after-sales service for Samsung Smart TV owners.

Enjoy Samsung Smart TV – The Evolutionary TV

The Evolution Kit was designed for consumers to enjoy new Smart TV experience without having the need to purchase a brand new TV. With the new improvements of Smart Interaction, consumers can now simply take control of the TV with both hands gestures, such as flip through the panels, zoom in and out images, thumb up and rotate the pictures.

Additionally, Smart TV owners also get firmware updates from software and hardware enhancements that meet the features of the latest Samsung Smart TV. With hardware enhancements that boost up memory and speed of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the Smart TV, the consumers can enjoy faster speed like never before and multitask using several apps while watching TV. It upgrades the set’s dual-core to quad-core processor, resulting in faster internal processing speed.

The Smart Evolution Kit is an ideal solution for consumers as it allows them to enjoy the latest features of the Smart TV without replacing a new TV.

For more information on Samsung Smart TV and Evolution Kit, please visit www.samsung.com/my or Samsung Malaysia Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/samsungmalaysia.


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