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Kaspersky Lab’s Threat Review for 2016: Servers for sale, global botnets and a strong focus on mobile

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Kuala Lumpur (21 December 2016) — In 2016, the world’s biggest cyberthreats were related to money, information and a desire to disrupt. They included the underground trade of tens of thousands of compromised server credentials, hijacked …

Kaspersky Lab Granted Patent for Malware Detection Within Packers

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Technology foils efforts of malware writers to disguise malicious code by using packers and encryptors.

F-Secure Releases Threat Report

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Malware continues to be a threat to users, and increasingly, those on mobile platforms.

Kaspersky Lab Highlights Icefog Attacks

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Smaller groups of cyber-mercenaries now offer surgical hit & run operations.

Infographic: Premium Service Abusers

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Trend Micro educates on the dangers posed by premium service abusers.

Kaspersky Wins AV-Test Award

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Company receives coveted award for its protection of online financial transactions.

Malware Authors Get Creative

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Kaspersky detects trojan being spread through botnets controlled by criminal groups.