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OnePlus Celebrates 9th Anniversary by Highlighting Co-creation with Community

Born with its brand promise “Never Settle,” OnePlus has always looked to its users as its true guide, listening and respecting users’ thoughts when bringing new products to the market. The brand has committed itself to working hand in hand with its global users and has successfully fostered an open community, where OnePlus and users mutually support each other, engage in discourse, and share knowledge. OnePlus takes feedback from users as encouragement and motivation in its continuous pursuit of excellence and high-quality technology.

OnePlus, Driven by Community for Superior Digital Life.

Power of Community is a long-term community and co-creation brand project conceptualized with users in mind. Users participate in the whole process of R&D, design and refinement, and their feedback allows OnePlus to continuously improve its products. Successful examples of these co-creation brand projects include the co-designed water bottles and silver jackets that are beloved by customers.

To excite the community, OnePlus also held the first OnePlus AR Wearables Design Contest, which garnered the interest of 50,000 users within two weeks. After pre-selection and nomination from professional designers and product managers, followed by voting from community users, OnePlus community user @Concept Central won the first prize and got the chance to co-create a non-functioning prototype together with Industrial Designers and AR experts from OPPO Research Institute.

Design from OnePlus community user @Concept Central

Type Away with the OnePlus Featuring Mechanical Keyboard.

This December, OnePlus launched OnePlus Featuring, a brand-new platform which has been launched gradually across the global market to aid its co-creation journey. The first product of OnePlus Featuring available in multiple countries will be a customizable mechanical keyboard, which aims at bringing the typing experience to next level. As industry partner that shares the same vision with OnePlus, Keychron is involved into the co-creation process through technical support and collaboration.

This keyboard will come with double gasket mount design, which will make typing an enjoyable motion that you are able to go through every day no matter working or gaming. Meanwhile, the Aluminum Body ensures the quality and premium texture of the keyboard. CNC aluminum manufacturing guarantees the best hand feeling as cool as a crafted aerolite touch and provides weight and durability for long-term usage and stabilization.

To facilitate the whole working experience, this keyboard fits macOS perfectly. The layout is as same as the MacBook keyboard and covers Windows as well, which suits all major working requirements for a keyboard. Apart from this, it also provides a connection with Linux, ideally handling all occupations.

This product supports all the customizable keyboard’s advanced features like hot-swappable and open-source firmware. Hot-swappable allows for easy change of switches by users themselves, increasing the keyboard’s playability.

A joyful, playful, and beautiful keyboard are also the tags OnePlus aims to put on the keyboard to provide users with a real high-end customizable keyboard.

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