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ECOLINK illuminates Malaysia with Sustainable and Affordable Lighting

Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting), the world leader in lighting, launches ECOLINK, the latest brand of lighting solutions, with VoltSafe Technology to withstand sudden voltage surges. The ECOLINK range provides homes with long-lasting, safe, and affordable, energy-efficient products.

“The ECOLINK portfolio was conceived with a vision to illuminate spaces through technologically advanced energy-saving solutions for the value-conscious Malaysian customer. Lighting is a basic essential in our daily lives, and ECOLINK aims to benefit millions of Malaysian households with energy-efficient products that are equally affordable and sustainable for the environment,” said Sukanto Aich, Chief Executive Officer, Signify Malaysia.

Manufactured in the house of Signify, the trusted global lighting company, ECOLINK offers a comprehensive variety of quality, energy-efficient lighting products that are certified by SIRIM and equivalent accreditation.

“In order to make this new range of products accessible to more customers in Malaysia, Signify has partnered with KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd as our Malaysian distributor for ECOLINK. KVC’s nationwide omni channel distribution network, which includes both online and offline, enables ECOLINK to be made available to all customers across the country,” added Sukanto.

The ECOLINK portfolio features a wide selection of products, ranging from LED bulbs and downlights to high-bays and waterproof battens that cater to all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications.

All ECOLINK products come with the following:

  • VoltSafe Technology which ensures surge protection of 2.5kV with a wide voltage protection between 160V and 360V
  • Designed to reduce eye strain with no visible flicker and negligible UV and IR
  • Peace of mind with 2 Years of Warranty
  • SIRIM-certified ensuring performance and safety compliance

“Being a 100% carbon neutral company, we want to multiply our positive impact on the environment and society. ECOLINK products are equipped to provide energy conservation at both home and businesses,” said Sukanto. “The long product lifetime further reduces waste in the long run.” For more information, product details and specifications, please visit ECOLINK-led.com/my/ 

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