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Casual Mobile Game “Pipi Go” ranks No.1 App in Malaysia and hits over RM20 Million Users


Pipi Go, a casual mobile game developed by Forever9 Game has gone viral in Malaysia. It also ranked the No.1 app in Google Play & IOS Store and hit over RM 20 million users in the world. In Malaysia, there are more than 1 million players who have registered for the game.

Alieff Irfan, a Malaysian Youtuber even moved the Pipi Go’s dice board from online to offline. He restored the whole game with all attack and stealing skills and the winner received RM 10,000.


In Pipi Go, players can easily earn more coins and upgrade to build their own town through rolling dice to race across the board. This game is slightly similar to the classic millionaire mode, but players can experience the happy journey of building towns with an ultra-high-quality interface.

Players can also unlock more adorable characters with more coins. All players are available to enjoy real-time interaction, such as attacking each other, stealing gold coins, exchanging food ingredients, cards, and forming guilds together. The game allows players to roll their best destiny and build towns through a fun dice board, and experience traveling around the world!

Besides that, an amazing feature is ready for all Malaysian players that can earn real money with up to RM 100 through completing the mission and inviting new friends to the game. If players are able to invite more friends, the more the players can earn too. 

Since the launch of Pipi Go in 2019, the game has been designed as a casual game that extended the traditional board game concept with its unique feature to mobile games. It has been different from multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

The game is also highly recommended by a few influencers such as Chinese YouTubers Jeff & Intira, video creator Syazwan Fahmi, Sonic, Nelysa Norazlan and so on.

Right now, players can earn more coins by watching advertisements and inviting new friends in the coming festive season. You can now download this interactive casual game in the Google Play Store or Apple Store or via this link:  app.adjust.com/3i4q4nw

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