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Edifier Hecate GM4 MINI 1 Professional Gaming External Sound Card


The highly sort after Edifier Hecate GM4 gaming earbuds just got better! With the effort of the Edifier’s engineer, the Edifier Hecate GM4 has been further optimized and condensed into the new Hecate GM4 Mini 1! Offering the same great Dual-Mode, but now with significantly more compact size and more improvement!

Miniature ultra-portable size

As the name suggest, the GM4 Mini 1 is the miniature version of the original Edifier Hecate GM4, spoting almost 30% smaller then the Hecate GM4, the Edifier GM4 Mini 1 are design for those that seek to have the most compact tech companion!


Edifier Hecate GM4 pioneered the Dual-Mode function in Edifier TWS earbuds, being the miniature version of it, the Edifier GM4 Mini 1 also remain this function. Users only need to use the touch control easily switch between the two modes, once switch users can immediately enjoy either the low latency Gaming mode or the Hi-Fi sound quality Music mode.

Gaming Mode

Powered by the Pix Art™ PAU160X Bluetooth TWS chipset solution. The Edifier GM4 Mini 1 can reach latency as low as 65ms (support in both Android and iOS). The EQ of the Edifier Edifier GM4 Mini 1 will be tuned to provide accurate location placement of elements in games such as enemy footsteps, giving users an extra edge in a competitive gaming environment.  Music Mode

Music Mode

The Edifier Edifier GM4 Mini 1 does not fall short when it comes to the music listening experience as the 5.8mm micro-motion coil driver is tuned by Edifier’s senior acoustic engineer. The response range of high to low is tuned to a fine balance. And with an extended range of 20Hz to 20KHz response frequency, the user will be treated with a full range of music perfection.

22 Hours combine battery life

The Edifier GM4 Mini 1 have a total of 22hours of combine battery life with combination of the earbud hold 4 hours of charge, and the case holds 22 hours of charge. With the combine 22 hours of charge, the Edifier GM4 Mini 1 has more then enough to give a full day music enjoyment.

IPX5 Waterproof rating

Inheriting from the Edifier Hecate GM4, the Edifier GM4 Mini 1is designed with durability in mind too. The earbud is rated for IPX5 waterproofing rating allows the Edifier GM4 to withstand low-pressure water jet spray. Making it not only more durable while at the same time easy to be clean and remain functional.

Price and Availability

The Edifier GM4 Mini 1 is available now at all Edifier official sales channels at the price of RM199.

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