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BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia commits to Further Accelerating the Adoption of Child Safety Seats.


BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia today committed, on behalf of their customers, to a RM100 donation to the BMW Safety 360° subsidy programme for every contract funded through its online financing platform – BMW Engage. By spending only 15 minutes to submit their applications through BMW Engage, customers can indirectly contribute to this good cause via BMW Group Financial Services.

BMW Engage is a first-of-its-kind online financing platform introduced by BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia to provide customers the flexibility to apply and get pre-approval for their financing from the comfort of their home through a simple application process. It also supports the BMW Group overall contribution to sustainable environment by reducing the use of paper in our digitised processes.

“Although the government has postponed the enforcement of the use of child restraint system (CRS) until the end of the year, we hope parents recognise the need for CRS to keep their children safe while on the road – no matter how short the driving distance. However, we recognise that advocating for child safety seats is a shared responsibility, and with BMW Safety 360° and its respective partners, we are also taking ownership to ensure more child safety seats are accessible to those in the B40 income group,” said Tobias Eismann, Managing Director of BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia.

As part of the BMW Safety 360° initiative, the subsidy programme was first introduced in December 2019 with Safe ‘n Sound and Childline Foundation where 150 units of infant carrier car seats were made available at a subsidised price of RM100 each. The initiative garnered over 25,000 registrations from parents in the B40 income group.

The second phase of the subsidy programme focused on equipping the remaining registrants from the first phase with a range of snskidz child safety seats for newborns to children of up to 36kg. The programme was further supported by Shopee as the Exclusive E-Commerce Partner, alongside baby and children goods brands – KU.KU Duckbill and Otomo, educational toys and games distributor – Mideer, food storage sealing solutions provider – Ankou, and car performance parts and accessories provider – Kakimotor.

Each of the snskidz child safety seats are made available with a RM50 subsidy, on top of a discounted price from Safe ‘n Sound that is exclusive for recipients of the subsidy programme. Recipients of the subsidy programme will receive a unique Shopee voucher worth RM113 which can be applied upon checkout at this dedicated microsite: link.

“Alongside our partners, we are glad to have helped safeguard 170 children on the road to date. BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia’s support through BMW Engage came just at the right time as we are continuing to equip even more parents with child safety seats before the end of the year. Once again, we want to continue to urge individuals, partners and companies who have the means to support – be it through raising greater awareness on the topic through education, making child safety seats more accessible or reaching out to us for collaborations – to make child safety seats instinctive for parents moving forward,” said Sashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications at BMW Group Malaysia.

To find out more about BMW Engage or get financing pre-approval, please visit www.bmwfs.my.

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