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Ubisoft To Open Theme Park in Malaysia


Mention Ubisoft to any gamer and you’ll likely conjure up images of some of their most popular and enduring franchises – Prince of Persia, Raving Rabbids, the infamous Assassin’s Creed Series and, of more recent provenance, the Far Cry series. And that’s just scratching the surface of their vast library of franchises and titles in their stable. Now, they’ve outed the fact they’re building a theme park in Malaysia. Slow down, wind back and press play – there will be an Ubisoft theme park in Malaysia.

While the location of the theme park has not been finalised nor what rides and attractions are within it, what has been confirmed is that it’s located in “the heart of Kuala Lumpur”, that the theme park will be indoors and it will comprise about 10,000 square meters of rides and attractions. The theme park is only open in 2020 though so you’ll need to wait awhile.rabbids

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