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Olympus Stylus TG-860 Tough – Widest zoom lens in its class, POV shooting features and a high-level tough performance


5x zoom, 180 degree tilt-screen equipped active lifestyle model introduces Sportcam mode for super-wide angle POV recording and has enhanced tough performance.


Olympus Imaging announces the new 16 megapixel Stylus TG-860 Tough compact digital camera with the widest zoom lens amongst active lifestyle ‘tough’ cameras. The new mid-range Olympus Stylus TG-860 features the industry’s widest *21mm zoom lens in the active lifestyle camera market, POV recording functionality and advanced ruggedness. Its 180-degree capable tilt screen enables easy composition for underwater shooting and super-wide angle selfies. Its GPS feature uses the most reliable technology of its kind with high-speed and accuracy; built-in Wi Fi provides easy data transfer and camera control flexibility.

With the ability to shoot sweeping outdoor vistas at its super-wide end, and flattering portraits at its longest, the Stylus TG-860’s zoom lens gives you the greatest framing flexibility amongst all active lifestyle cameras in the market today. Featuring a non-protruding ruggedised *21-105mm zoom design, Olympus has used the most advanced optical technologies to help you capture your active life experiences with outstanding clarity.


A new Sportcam mode captures super-wide POV movies and photos with recording options that are specially tailored for action sports. Movies can be captured at a smooth Full HD 60P quality, at high speeds of 120 or 240 fps (at lower resolutions for exciting super slow-motion movies), or even time-lapsed. Its Sport Burst photo mode lets you pre-set the duration of sequential shooting to capture the most fleeting photo opportunities.

The large 3-inch LCD on the Stylus TG-860 provides superior compositional advantages with its superb 180 degree tilt capability. The outdoor-visible screen lets you easily capture high and low angle photos and videos, and makes underwater camera handling much more comfortable. The auto-rotating display, a special front of camera Face button, and selfie-optimised features all combine to help you take better selfies.

The Stylus TG-860 Tough’s onboard GPS works quickly and provides location data with high accuracy. It is also compatible with the QZSS and GLONASS systems to ensure that your photos are accurately geo-tagged no matter where you are in the world. You can even pre-load satellite locations to speed up initial satellite acquisition via the free Olympus Image Track smart device app, or the Olympus A-GPS Utility for computers.

A built-in Wi-Fi functionality lets you use your smartphone to remotely control the camera, and helps you easily upload pictures to popular social media sites via the Olympus Image Share app (iOS and Android compatible). You can see the camera’s Live View through your phone’s screen, and with a simple touch, take a shot on the TG-860.

For rugged reliability that you truly can count on, the Stylus TG-860  is water-proof up to a 15m depth, shock-proof up to 2.1m, freeze-proof to -10C, and crush-proof to 100kgf. Easy to use and feature packed, the rugged Stylus TG-860 Tough captures your active life in a way no other camera can.

Stylus TG-860 is available in both Orange and White colors.

Olympus Stylus TG-860 Tough – Widest zoom lens in its class, POV shooting features and a high-level tough performance

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