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LG Electronics celebrates 10 Years Of Innovation Excellence in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur (14 May 2015) — LG Electronics (LG) celebrated its 10th year in Malaysia by introducing its 2015 Home Entertainment and Home Appliance products today. LG who is well known for its groundbreaking innovation introduced some of the world’s first technologies in the past decade. Some of the highlights over the years included the introduction of Inverter Direct Drive Washing Machine, HOM-BOT Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and the Curved OLED TV.

“It is great that LG is continuously growing since its establishment in 2005. The brand has evolved to become a household name in the country in the area of consumer electronics. The introduction of the new innovations today is a great occasion to mark LG’s continuous commitment to enrich the lives of our customers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the support from our stakeholders who have contributed to the brand’s growth in Malaysia,” said David Oh, Managing Director, LG Malaysia.

The new LG product line up received numerous worldwide recognitions from global industry panelists such as VDE and Intertek. Recently at the CES, LG walked away with a record of 41 awards with industry analyst and tech pundits honoring cutting-edge innovation and design by LG.


Be amazed by LG SUPER UHD TV

LG’s SUPER UHD guarantees a crispier delivery of picture quality, lustrous in design and a definite smarter machine through Superb Picture, Superfine Design and Superior Sound. The SUPER UHD TV presents Superb Picture with astonishing high resolution content which is 4K picture quality friendly. Featuring its incredible ColorPrime technology, colours are delicately expressed resulting to the most realistic images. The 4K resolution allows ULTRA high definition (UHD) content which is four times higher than a Full HD. Coupled with its stunning 8.3 million megapixels, pictures are more detailed and vivid.

LG’s ColorPrime technology magnifies the range of colors that can be displayed on screen. It also utilizes the full color spectrum to render a wider range of hues and shades, thereby creating greater image depth. ULTRA Luminance technology in the SUPER UHD TV continuously analyzes the brightest and darkest parts of the displayed content in order to improve the extended expression range of brightness with higher peaks and enhanced contrast ratio.


LG’s 4K IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels in the SUPER UHD TV series support wide viewing angles. The equal disperse of colours and high definition content delivery leads to truly premium and cinema-like experience. IPS panels extend the viewing experience by limiting the white wash effect. The wider viewing angle maintains color vibrancy across the screen enabling viewers to enjoy lively color dispersion from every seat in the house.

The Superfine Design is perfected by the Auditorium Stand, which seamlessly complements the overall look of the television. The stand is uniquely designed to enhance the audio of the television by functioning as a sound reflector to centralize the sound output to create an immersive sound experience just like in an auditorium. Powered by harman/kardon, the Superior Sound brings a whole new level of premium sound for the listening experience that’s just as immersive as the viewing.

LG SUPER UHD TV enriches any décor with its breathtakingly slim design with almost razor thin, ULTRA Slim display. A more immersive cinematic viewing experience is also made possible through CINEMA SCREEN design with an ultra-thin bezel.

Additionally, the SUPER UHD TV is humanized with its smart surfing operating systems also known as Smart TV. Operating with LG’s webOS 2.0 Smart TV user interface, consumers can enjoy fast switching, new quick settings and video content without interrupting current viewing. LG’s webOS 2.0 Smart TV is an experience for consumers to have simple switching, simple discovery and simple connection whilst enjoying contents.


Sophisticated OLED Technology with LG Curved OLED TV

The world’s first Curved OLED TV represents LG’s most sophisticated invention yet in the curved display segment. Headlined by the Perfect Black, Perfect Color feature, LG’s Curved OLED TV presents self-lighting pixels offering the perfect expression of black. The Curved OLED TV will maximize your viewing experience with truly life-like colors, making pictures displayed so real and tangible.

LG OLED TV achieved the remarkable perfect expression of black, a realm previously unattainable by any ordinary television. Self-lighting pixels can control luminance, whereby dark colors can be expressed with perfection. Therefore, every detail seems lively and visible even in dark scenes.

The curved screen display contents which provide equal distance from all angles to the eyes of the viewer regardless of it appearing in the center or from the side. Supported by the self-lighting pixels and perfect viewing angle, LG’s Curved OLED TV brings perfect immersion of images as if they are really there instead of being in a flat two-dimensional panel.

Through LG’s OLED technology, the TV delivers a superior picture, rich in color, contrast, depth and detail. LG OLED TV’s unique 4 Color Pixel enables natural expression of every shade and hue.

Perfectly complimenting the beautiful pictures displayed on screen, the physical form of the OLED TV is visually impressive and stunning. Designed with modernist insight, the stand and frame of the product contain minimalist notes of sophistication that allows the television to blend in perfectly with its environment.


Energy Saving LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator

LG’s trademark Door-in-Door Refrigerator is able to save up to 41% of energy consumption with the presence of LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor. This linear compressor has a minimalist design which help’s to lower noise level, increase durability and lower energy consumption. Recently LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor was recognised by VDE (one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe) for its durability and efficiency. This shows LG’s commitment to its customers providing them with superior energy saving.

The Door-in-Door™ with a one touch button allows anyone to access their favourite items such as snacks and drinks that are place in the front of the door. It is also wider therefore ensuring more storage space for your everyday items. This function reduces cold air loss, saves energy and keeps food in the inner compartment fresh and longer lasting as there is no longer a need to open the entire door.

LG’s Hygiene Fresh technology is equivalent to having your own air purifier inside the fridge with a fan that actively absorbs and cleans the air within the refrigerator. It comes with a multi filtration system that removes up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria commonly found inside a refrigerator.


No Need for Prewash with LG Washing Machines

LG’s Washing Machine is recognized globally as one of the top brand in washer thanks to its Inverter Direct Drive Technology. Inverter Direct Drive attaches the motor directly to the drum which increases the motor stability and reduces vibration and noise. LG’s Inverter Direct Drive guarantees 10 years of superior durability and is certified by VDE for its performance resulting to lower maintenance.

Besides that, LG ‘s washer also comes with a 6 Motion Direct Drive that enables customized smart washing cycles for a wide variety of fabric. This customized washing is just like hand wash which means that consumers do not need to do any prewashing or manual wash. The 6 Motion Direct Drive also delivers a powerful and hygienic wash.


LG’s washer comes with a built-in heater technology that increases the water temperature to dissolve detergents and removes stains easily. This system allows it to have an allergy care which removes allergen, a natural whitening course without bleach and also a tub clean function.

LG’s Direct Drive washer also comes with a full stainless steel tub which is specially designed to prohibit the growth of bacteria making sure your clothes thoroughly cleaned.


Ease of Mind with LG Mosquito Away Air Conditioner

Recent findings by the Health Ministry indicated that the dengue cases has significantly rise compared to 2014. In line with this development, LG hopes to mitigate the occurrence of dengue cases with the introduction of LG Mosquito Away Air Conditioner.

The air conditioner is free from mosquito-repelling compounds and it can still work even if the air conditioner is not running. With just a push of the ‘Mosquito Away button’, the air conditioner uses a frequency of between 30 kHz – 100 kHz Ultrasonic wave to repel mosquitoes in the house. The technology is harmless to human whereby the ultrasonic technology only affects mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Away feature received worldwide recognitions by CE European Conformity, TUV NORD, Intertek and National Institute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology of Vietnam for its effectiveness to successfully repel mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Away Air Conditioner not just keeps mosquitoes away but also keeps the home cool and clean. LG’s Inverter V air conditioner is equipped with BLDC compressor that boosts the performance of the air conditioner while saving energy. The air conditioner is powered by LG active Energy Control function whereby consumers can now choose their own preferred energy consumption mode. Furthermore, the micro dust filter powered by 3M technology cleans the air by employing a strong electro static charge to trap harmful microscopic substance resulting to a cleaner home.


Live In Flowing Sound with LG Music Flow

LG Music Flow takes the fast-growing concept of wireless multi-room audio systems to a new level with its smart convenience and superior sound quality. By combining a mesh network technology with Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz), LG Music Flow provides a stable and seamless connection that never misses a beat. With easy audio customization while delivering superior sound performance, speakers placed in separate rooms can play same or different music based on the user’s choice.

LG’s Music Flow is Google Cast enabled whereby the smart Hi-Fi audio system can connect with any applications that is Google Cast friendly. This will allow anyone to send their favorite music from their AndroidTM phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows laptop or Chromebook to their LG Music Flow audio speakers and sound bars.

LG’s system facilitates easy access to internet streaming and radio applications such as Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn via the Audio Streaming Service. With LG Music Flow and the Music Flow Player app, millions of songs are literally at the listener’s fingertips.

High Performance and Immersive Image Display with 21:9 LG UltraWide IPS monitor

The new 29-inch LG monitor with the most advanced IPS technology enhances the performance by delivering crystal clear images. With this technology, LG IPS monitor delivers short response time, improved colour reproduction that give users realistic colour expression and smooth colour change for a crystal clear viewing experience.

Users can now view the screen at virtually any angle. The UltraWide 21:9 aspect ratio delivers gaming experience more immersive than ever. The UltraWide screen makes it easy to view multiple windows at the same time, no need for flipping back and forth between them.


The 21:9 IPS Wide FHD UltraWide monitor with 2560 X 1080 pixel resolution gives a panoramic cinema-like gaming experience. This ratio also comes handy for creative practitioners and students who require wide viewing for their professional editing.

For more information, log on to www.lg.com.

LG Electronics celebrates 10 Years Of Innovation Excellence in Malaysia

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