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Jetman. This will revolutionise the way we fly

A professional pilot, Yves Rossy sought to move out of the cockpit in the continuous pursuit of flight through innovation and ingenuity to achieve mankind’s dream of engine-powered flight for humans. Drawn initially to the world of free fall, he experimented with ways to increase his flight time and enhance his ability to select his trajectory, which introduced him to sky surfing and wingsuiting.

Still not satisfied, he developed his first real wing comprising a rigid harness integrated into inflatable wing panels that he strapped to his back. The next step was towards maintaining and gaining altitude by improving efficiency with a rigid wing and adding propulsion.

Yves chose to go with model jet turbines, at first two of them, allowing him to maintain level flight in 2004, and then four engines in 2006. Till now, Yves Rossy has conducted winged flights over the Swiss Alps, the English Channel, the Grand Canyon and other iconic locations.

Jetman. This will revolutionise the way we fly.

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