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Asiasoft partners up with LINE to launch “LINE Dragonica Mobile”

Kuala Lumpur (19 May 2015) — Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited is pleased to announce the partnership with LINE Corporation (“LINE”) at the launching of LINE Dragonica Mobile.


LINE Dragonica Mobile, is the mobile version of the highly popular PC game, Dragonica Online. LINE Dragonica Mobile is slated for launch on both iTunes and Google Play in the month of June 2015, and will be available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines.

Managing Director of Asiasoft Online, Quach Dong Quang said that:

“As the leading online games publisher in Southeast Asia, Asiasoft is always seeking the best games and entertainment services for the enjoyment of our players. There have been more than 18 million gamers who have played the PC version of Dragonica and we are excited for this release of LINE Dragonica Mobile with one of the top leading mobile platforms, LINE.”

Executive Director of CiB Development S/B, Miss Chua Wee Yee indicate that:

“We will be coordinating with all our offices across Southeast Asia to develop sturdy regional and local strategies to market the game with line. We look to cooperate with LINE to give LINE Free Coin to all users within the 6 countries in Southeast Asia.”


Game Information

Dragonica Online (Dragon Saga) is a very successful game title that has opened for service in 39 countries. The game had more than 18M register users across the world.

Studio Funigloo launched Dragon Saga – Prelude (or Dragonica Mobile version) in April 2014 and successfully transferred all original beautiful graphic and features into mobile game.

Now with partnering with LINE for channeling & distribution, Asiasoft is going to publish this famous title in Quarter 2 of 2015.

LINE Dragonica Mobile is an action role-playing game developed by South Korean studio, Funigloo. There are six playable classes, namely the Knight, Gladiator, Wizard, Warlock, Thief, Assasin. Players can take part in: Daily missions, Storyline Quests, PvP, Avatar Costume and others.


Asiasoft partners up with LINE to launch “LINE Dragonica Mobile”


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