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Epson demonstrates the Power of Commercial Printing


Kuala Lumpur (26 March 2015) – Epson, the world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions, today showcased its full range of commercial and industrial printers – branded as the Epson Digital Lab – that are designed to deliver the highest levels of efficiency, versatility and capability for today’s diverse professional imaging needs.

Built on Epson’s compact, energy saving and high precision Micro Piezo™ and PrecisionCore™ printhead technologies, the company’s high-performance commercial printers provide some of the most cost-effective, fast and flexible printing solutions for multiple applications including indoor and outdoor signage, interior decoration, textile and garment printing, photography as well as CAD and technical drawing.

“Epson aims to address the challenges of today’s fragmented print market and the demand for customisation. This showcase demonstrates how our solutions can help partners and customers reduce operating costs by cutting down on processes, increase productivity and expand service offerings to generate new revenue streams,” said Shimizu Tomoya, Country Manager of Epson Malaysia.

Incredibly versatile Epson SureColor S-series signage printers
Incredibly versatile Epson SureColor S-series signage printers


Epson SureColor Series (Signage Printers, Textile & Garment Printers, Photo Lab printers, Technical Drawing Printers)

The featured printers from the SureColor range as well as the SureLab range which showcases the company’s latest range of high-performance printers designed for the most specialised and demanding of applications.

SureColor SC-S series
Epson’s SureColor S series Signage Printers is the world’s first large format sign printers to utilise Epson’s innovative PrecisionCore print head technology. Targeted for indoor and outdoor signage printing, the key advantage of the SureColor S-series is the flexibility to choose between models that offer low cost, high speed, and high print quality.

Designed from the ground up to be the most versatile line of signage printers the industry has ever seen.  The game-changing SC-S printers aim to radically change customer expectations for sign and display production, offering extreme value with never before seen quality, speed and output flexibility.

The SC-S series printers also utilise Epson’s most advanced solvent-based inks that dry faster and lasts longer (triple print durability of up to three years) while being more environmentally friendly.

Incredibly versatile, the Epson SC-S series can print on a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates such as adhesive-based vinyl, canvas and clear film allowing for multiple applications from simple signage, banners and point-of-sales material to high-end displays, window graphic applications and vehicle wraps.

SureColor SC-B series
The SureColor B Series, which comprises of the 44-inch SureColor SC-B6070 and the 64-inch SureColor SC-B7070 are the world’s first large format sign printers that employ high-capacity 1.5L ink tanks to enable uninterrupted printing by allowing the ink tanks to be refilled while the printers are in operation.

The SureColor B-series models are designed for fast, reliable and high quality printing with very low total cost of ownership, they are perfect for the demands of short term, high volume, large format commercial applications such as banners, posters, POP materials, backlit panels and more.

SureColor SC-F series
Print-loving fashion designers will be happy to hear about Epson’s approachable textile and direct-to-garment printers.

The first dye-sublimation printers from Epson, the 44-inch SureColor SC-F6070 and the 64-inch SC-F7070, are also firsts in the market in which every component – from ink and print-head to printer chassis and bulk ink delivery system – is designed and manufactured by a single company. The result is a high-performance dye-sublimation transfer printing technology designed for exceptional reliability and industrial-level production with high quality output of up to 1,440 x 720 dpi on all leading transfer papers.

Efficiency is also a highlight as the printers are the first in their class to integrate large 1.5L capacity ink tank that enable up to 17 hours of non-stop operation, which is ideal for commercial production.

Superior image quality is enabled with Epson’s proprietary UltraChrome® DS ink – a specially-developed new dye-sublimation aqueous ink which produces vibrant colours, intense blacks, sharp contours and smooth gradations. This four-colour dye-sublimation ink when applied to polyester fabrics, also pass the Oeko-Tex Standard 1001 Class 1 product requirements for adults, children and babies up to 36 months.

Application-wise, both the SC-F6070 and SC-F7070 models support an expansive array of applications including soft signage, sportswear, apparel and customised items such as mouse pads and ceramic mugs.

Also on display was Epson’s first direct-to-garment T-shirt printer. Setting new benchmarks in digital t-shirt printing, the SC-F2000, is also wholly designed and developed using Epson’s proprietary technology. Engineered to meet the needs of garment printing businesses, this latest innovation from Epson offers print speeds ranging from 27 seconds for a single white T-shirt to 111 seconds for a dark coloured one, while delivering low maintenance and running costs.

The SC-F2000 uses Epson’s UltraChrome DG ink – a water-based pigment CMYK ink – that works with the PrecisionCore printhead to deliver precise, repeatable performance and superior print quality with an extremely high resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi. Printed designs are stretch resistant and free from the tacky feeling commonly present in other printed shirts.

SureColor SC-T series
Designed to meet the specific requirements of today’s engineering, architecture and scientific professionals, the Epson SureColor SC-T series creates accurate large-format prints well-suited for applications such as architectural plans, maps, 3D rendering graphics, indoor signage and GIS maps.

With an industry-topping 10 nozzle lines of 350 dpi per line per printhead, users can print precise lines as thin as 0.02mm with as little error as +/-0.1 percent. All SC-T models also offer high resolutions of up to 2880 x 1440 dpi at the fastest speeds in its class – up to 2 A1 prints per minute.

The SC-T series comes in three models – the 24-inch SC-T3270, 36-inch SC-T5270 and the 44-inch SC-T7270 – the latter two offer an optional multifunction (MFP) module, enabling PC-free full colour scan and copy capabilities of up to 36-inches wide at best-in-class speeds.

The Epson UltraChrome XD pigment-based ink technology used in the SC-T series has been specifically developed to produce high-quality and durable prints that are not only water resistant but also lightfast, rub resistant and smudge resistant. The printers offer a total of seven colours – cyan, magenta, yellow, photo black and matte black.

For added flexibility, T-Series ink cartridges are available in 110 ml, 350 ml and a high-capacity 700 ml size which also helps provide for low printing costs.

Epson PhotoLab SureLab Series

As a leader in print service solutions, Epson Digital Lab provides a wider range of printing capabilities beyond normal image printing. The SureLab series gives users the flexibility to produce a wide variety of printed materials ranging from four to 12 inches in width. Achieving stunning results every time with a wide gamut of colour, the Epson UltraChrome D6 ink is formulated to deliver vivid and lifelike colours with excellent black density.

The Epson SureLab SL-D3000 is a professional six-colour, digital dry lab that delivers low cost-per-print, offering a complete printing solution with a low total cost of ownership. In addition, the Dry-lab is available in a compact single-roll version or a dual-roll configuration for increased flexibility and either unit can be coupled with an optional 10-bin job sorter for the ultimate in job handling and productivity.

The SureLab SL-D3000 boasts speeds of up to 260 8″x10″ prints per hour and up to 650 4″x6″ prints per hour and can accommodate a variety of roll widths ranging from 4 to 12 inches.

Epson’s first compact six-colour photo production printer, the SureLab SL-D700, will also be on show. Offering a wide range of media and format options, this stand-alone printer combined with Epson’s UltraChrome D6-S ink produces vibrant, high-quality colour output reliably and cost-effectively.

Ideally suitable for photo production businesses, photo shops, event photographers, minilabs and copy shops, the six-colour SL-D700 offers resolutions of up to 1,440 x 720 dpi and a print speed of 360 prints/hr, enabling a wide range of photo prints sized up to 1000mm.

“We’ve incorporated years of printing technology experience and scaled them to bring this extensive range of commercial and industrial printers to the Malaysian market. Today’s showcase is a testament of Epson’s commitment to creating more than just products. We are setting the standards for raising higher productivity with cost effective technology for the print market,” said Danny Lee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Epson Malaysia.

Incredible versatility for multiple large format printing applications_Shimizu Tomoya, Country Manager, Epson Malaysia (centre); Danny Lee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Epson Malaysia (left) followed by fashion photographer Vincent Paul Yong; Dickson Lee, Senior Manager, Commercial & Industrial Department, Sales Division, Epson Malaysia (right) followed by artist/designer Nini Marini
Incredible versatility for multiple large format printing applications_Shimizu Tomoya, Country Manager, Epson Malaysia (centre); Danny Lee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Epson Malaysia (left) followed by fashion photographer Vincent Paul Yong; Dickson Lee, Senior Manager, Commercial & Industrial Department, Sales Division, Epson Malaysia (right) followed by artist/designer Nini Marini


Creative Collaborations Showcasing the Power of Print

To demonstrate the capabilities of its SC-F series printers, Epson collaborated with artist/designer Nini Marini to feature some of her artwork as part of the Epson Digital Lab showcase. This collaboration, which sees Nini’s work being digitised and printed on various mediums such as mugs, drapes, scarves as well as tote bags, is truly a testament to the unlimited potential of print.

Epson also printed exclusive tote bags featuring some of Nini’s work, using the SC-F2000 direct-to-garment printer, as door gifts for visitors at the event.

Also on display were large reproductions of creations from celebrated fashion photographer Vincent Paul Yong, all of which were printed on Epson’s range of commercial and industrial printers that were on showcase.

“We are excited to provide profitable solutions to reliable, high quality printing, and meet the needs of our commercial customers. With the exceptionable reliability and industrial-level production quality, we hope to help enable creative industry talents to transform their ideas into any possibilities they can imagine,” concluded Lee.

For more information, visit www.epson.com.my.

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