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Review: Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse


Logitech_G LineLogitech unveiled to the public its latest gaming mouse two months back – The Hyperion Fury. It is Logitech’s latest fruit of labour and we have been given a chance to review it.

Considering the fact that the gaming peripherals industry is garnering popularity, competition runs high as each brand gives it their best shot at producing a gaming mouse that is better, faster and more precise without compromising ergonomics. The Hyperion Fury, also known at the G402, is what Logitech calls the world’s fastest FPS gaming mouse. We took it for a spin to see if it really delivers.


The G402 comes in a simple box packaging, nothing fancy. Inside the box is the mouse itself together with manuals. The design of the mouse looks similar to the G502 but is actually an upgraded version of the G400s. It has more curvature compared to the G502 on the palm rest making it more comfortable. The rubberised material on the body of the mouse provides better grip. The scroll wheel of the G402 do not allow for “wheel-shifting” unlike other high-end Logitech mouse which allows you to release the scroll wheel for infinite free scrolling. The scroll wheel is just a normal click-to-click scroll wheel. The design aesthetic of the underside of the mouse is similar to the G502; a hexagonal design minus the feature of being able to add weights to the mouse. The mouse is not too big; measuring 136 x 72 x 41mm and weighing at 108 grams.


8 programmable buttons are available on the mouse. 3 buttons at the thumb area, 3 buttons at the left click area, 1 right click button and scroll wheel button. The buttons are placed at strategic locations of the mouse so that your thumb and index finger can easily access and change DPI settings on-the-fly. You can switch between 4 DPI settings. Blue LED light indicators are present, so you will know which profile you’re on. When plugged into a USB source, the “G” symbol pulses in blue light. Well, you can always set the blue light to not pulse.


Logitech has engineered Fusion Engine into the G402 to solve the problem of your cursor flying too fast across the screen. The Fusion Engine is Logitech’s latest sensor technology (Delta Zero sensor technology) designed for ultra-fast gaming. It is combined together with an optical sensor for tracking speeds up to 500 inches per second. That’s 12.7 meters per second! Powering the Fusion Engine is a 32-bit ARM processor. The mouse has an acceleration of 16G and resolution range of 240 to 4000 dpi tested on a Logitech G240 gaming mouse pad. Logitech also reports a dynamic coefficient of friction of 0.09µ and a static coefficient of friction 0.14µ. Having a low coefficient of friction means you will be able to glide smoothly on nearly every surface and a relatively higher static coefficient friction makes sure the mouse would stop at just the right point without gliding off out of control.

The G402 has a report rate of one millisecond. Rest assure there will be no lag time when you’re on the move. Logitech also mentioned that the G402 can survive up to 20 million clicks and 250km before it actually goes haywire. But hey, Logitech has a proven record of durability, so by the time you exceed the number of clicks and kilometers, I guess it’ll be in time to get a new unit of Logitech’s latest.



Like every Logitech’s gaming peripherals, the G402 is supported by Logitech’s Gaming Software. You can change profiles and customise the mouse to your liking with the easy-to-use software. One thing I really like about the software is the UI. Its really easy to use, clean and minimalistic design with adequate white space in between every function icon. Customising the mouse to the profile you want is easy and simple. Plus, you can enable the software to detect games on your PC for hassle-free mouse setting options.


Putting it to the test, playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms clearly proves that the mouse does move with lightning speed and sharp accuracy when I adjusted it to move at the fastest speed, but its a little wasted as I don’t really cover 500 IPS. A gyroscope and accelerometer is on board the mouse and the Logitech Gaming Software shows you how fast you’re moving and how much space you’re covering. It says “Move your mouse as fast as you can”, which I did and I only hit 58 IPS max with Fusion Engine on. With Fusion Engine off the number dropped to 41, which not that significant, but of course you’d feel the difference in speed. It feels kind of odd to be moving the mouse around to see how much space you can cover; you’ll definitely need a bigger mouse pad.


You will need a little getting used to if you’re not used to mouse cursors flying at lightning speed across your screen. During game time, I could easily change the speed of the mouse with the two buttons located near the index finger without using much time, as going a little too fast would also mean you might not “point and shoot” accurately. The shape of the mouse was really comfortable that I could play games on it for hours without cramps which of course is fantastic as you wouldn’t want your fingers and wrist going numb halfway during game time.

Price wise, Logitech has made the mouse available at an affordable price of RM149 for an amazing FPS gaming experience. The mouse comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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