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Review: Acronis True Image 2015



Acronis, an international leader in data backup has officially released Acronis True Image (ATI) 2015 as of 23 September 2014.

A lot of changes has taken place for the latest version. If you love ATI 2014, you will love ATI 2015 even more. The latest version comes with a cleaner and better UI. The appearance has improved a lot with more white space, san serif fonts and icons that are simple and easy to understand for a better user experience. The latest version has been stripped down to its core functions; focusing on data backup only. Some functions that are not frequently used in the 2014 version has been removed making it a breeze to use.



The tools menu in ATI 2014 is located at the top bar, in version 2015, Acronis changed the layout to the left sidebar, minimise words and pictorials. The tutorial has been removed from the homepage of the software. It has become so easy to navigate and manoeuvre around the software.

Upon success installation and startup of the software, you will be immediately shown the option to backup your PC to a selected destination. Pretty straight forward with a picture of your PC an arrow pointing to your selected destination. Upon clicking “Selected destination”, three boxes will pop up below and you can choose to backup to a pre-determined destination, Acronis Cloud or your choice of backup destination. Pretty much simple and easy with clean and minimalistic design icons.


Acronis is popular with imaging hard disks. Its really easy to image your hard disk with Acronis. Only three steps are required. Acronis detects and labels any storage hardware plugged into your PC. You just need to select the one you want to image or backup, then select a destination of where the image should be saved. Press start and Acronis will start the imaging process. Pretty much simple, straightforward and easy to understand and function. No manuals or complicated guides needed.


You can also create a new folder or a new FTP connection to backup your files and folders. At the settings you will see three options which allows you to clone your HDD, create a rescue media and enable parallel access (remotely accessing your PC from your smartphone and tablet). You will of course have to download the mobile version for free on your mobile devices. Simply search for it in your app store “Parallels Access”. All you need to do is sign in and you will be able to manage and backup your files and folders.


It so easy to use you will never have to search through lengthy and jargon tutorials just to backup your files. If you would like to give ATI 2015 a try, a 30 days free trial is available with unlimited amount of backup times.




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