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Samsung Introduces The WW8000 Washer




KUALA LUMPUR (13 August 2014) – Making laundry less of a chore, the Samsung WW8000 Crystal Blue Washer combines simple and elegant design with an enhanced user experience and a new level of effective washing performance.

“Good design starts from the user. We take a great deal of time to understand the user’s needs and habits. It is only then that we can create innovative designs that transform technology into truly meaningful values for the user. This is the thinking behind Samsung Digital Appliances’ design philosophy, and that is how Samsung WW8000 Crystal Blue Washer design and innovation came about – People Focused,” said Lee Dong Yong, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

“Our new washer delivers an intuitive user experience linked with smart laundry capabilities all packaged with a new, elegant minimalist design – allowing it to blend in with other home appliances, furnishing and fittings. It helps to make laundry easier. With less time taken up for chores, you can enjoy more time for yourself and caring for loved ones,” added Lee. Samsung WW8000 Crystal Blue Washer - Perspective_White

Performance Meets Design
The most visible part of a washing machine is the door. For wider opening, the Big Door is attached to the washer by a Metal Double Hinge. User could easily load or unload the laundry without having to bend at the waist repeatedly, straining back muscles. It also features a translucent deep blue crystal finish and the door creates a delightful spectrum of colours when it comes into contact with light. Being entirely developed under a “no spray, no coating” principle, the Samsung Crystal Blue Washer’s Big Door also did away with painting and used the materials as they are. The door’s design addressed environmental problems that arise from pollution caused by painting and chrome coating from the very root.

With the user in mind, the Samsung Crystal Blue Washer also looked into the interior of the washer, contemplating over the new Swirl Drum Pattern that would take even better care of the user’s delicate garments. Inspired by the ‘flowing water’, the Swirl Drum Pattern has taken both functional and design aspects into consideration. Numerous rounds of advanced development and verification to optimise the height, depth, and form of the grooves as well as the size and angle of the holes helped to perfect a new drum pattern that renders greater care possible.

A Revolution in Washing Technology
The new Samsung Crystal Blue Washer also uses EcoBubbleTM technology, a unique bubble generator that activates before a normal cycle begins. This technology helps to dissolve washing detergent without leaving detergent residue and stains. It creates rich soapy foam that penetrates clothes faster and more evenly throughout the wash load. No hot water is required, thus saving energy on every load. With Samsung’s EcoBubbleTM technology, the cool wash is as effective as the warm water wash and is gentler on fabric.

Less Noise, Less Vibration, More Performance
With Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) Plus™, you don’t need to bother neighbours or wake up your children by washing at night. Feel free to do your laundry anytime anywhere. The Three Dimensional Vibration Sensor of Samsung’s advanced VRT Plus™ technology keeps the drum perfectly balanced even at high spin speeds, minimising noise and vibration.

To further reduce noise and vibration as well as enhance energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, the new Samsung Crystal Blue Washer’s motor is equipped with Digital Inverter Technology. It utilises strong magnets for a quieter and more powerful performance but consumes less energy than a Universal Motor. By eliminating the use of brushes, it also provides outstanding durability, backed by an 11-year warranty on the motor.

Personalise Your Wash Routine
With Eco Wash, Speed Wash, or Silent Wash options you can pick the one best suited for your needs. If you want to reduce your energy bills and be environmentally friendly, pick Eco Wash option. If you need to wash clothes in a hurry, Speed Wash is up to the task. And if your baby is sleeping or you need some peace, select the Silent Wash option. Now, you can choose your preferred wash based on your needs, mood and even personality.

The Samsung Crystal Blue Washer also comes with six pre-programmed Specialty Cycles to provide added convenience by allowing users to select the required washing cycle without going through complicated settings. The ‘Gardening’ option will adjust settings to clean grass and mud stains, while the ‘Cooking & Dining’ cycle cleans food and grease marks. There are also other specialty cycles include ‘Hygiene Care,’ ‘Active Sports,’ ‘Active Kids,’ and ‘Working & Everyday’.

The Samsung WW8000 Crystal Blue Washer is available at the recommended retail price of RM3,999 at selected Samsung retail outlets and authorised dealers. For further information on Samsung’s range of digital appliances, do check out www.samsung.com/my or follow Samsung Malaysia’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/samsungmalaysia for future updates.

* All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation. Warranty service availability and response times may vary from country to country and may also be subject to registration requirements in the country of purchase.

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