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U Mobiles's Project Buah Tangan



Kuala Lumpur (9 July 2014) – Gifting is a heartwarming and inspiring gesture that brings warmth to the heart and a proactive action to foster good relationships. Today, this kind gesture is reserved to only very close family members and friends. Birthday and festive wishes are now expressed using mere text messages, though more convenient, is quite impersonal and distant. Not forgetting the busy lifestyle most urbanites have as they juggle between their career or education, as well as their personal life.

In light of what seems to be a social phenomenon, U Mobile has revived the traditional gesture of buah tangan (gifting) in efforts to promote ‘a closer Malaysia’. Encouraging Malaysians to reconnect and reconcile with their friends and loved ones, especially during the festive season; U Mobile initiates the ‘Project Buah Tangan’ campaign – a social media and on-ground initiative that champions the revival of our deep-rooted hospitality.

‘Project Buah Tangan’ aims to reconnect Malaysians through a simple practice that has been largely forgotten. The two month campaign, which began on 9 July 2014, kicks off with 3 videos based on true stories of how people were brought together through the simple gesture of giving a buah tangan. The videos will then drive the public to a Facebook app (umobilebuahtangan.com) where they can send a buah tangan of their own, to their friends.

The app intuitively pulls up friends that the user interacts with the least, and prompts them to ‘get closer’ through giving a physical buah tangan. These hampers will be couriered to the receiver’s home free of charge. Users can also ‘get closer’ instantly by sending a virtual buah tangan in the form of e-cards, recipes and ringtones developed by Canang Studio.

As a reward for their customers, U Mobile is also throwing in a special prize for the U Mobile user who sends out the most buah tangans throughout the campaign period.

“With our hectic schedules and varying priorities in life, we tend to take relationship building for granted by doing the minimum, while expecting to foster stronger bonds. With the festive season drawing near, U Mobile aims to mobilise our customers and the public to get closer with their friends and loved ones through thoughtful gifting gestures as a more substantial alternative to reconnect,” said Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile.

“This is also in-line with our constant commitment to offer a unique and unrivalled mobile experience to our customers. We look forward to more engaging and meaningful initiatives of this nature in the near future,” she added.

In the same spirit of bringing Malaysians closer, U Mobile is taking this opportunity to get closer to the nation by giving back to the people and communities in need. In the app, users are prompted to suggest a community, foundation or charity organization, and what U Mobile can do to make things better for them.

Get in the spirit of giving at www.umobilebuahtangan.com today!

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