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Google Pitches In For Ramadan



Kuala Lumpur (30 June 2014) – Experience how Google can help you and your family plan and enjoy the holy month of fasting this year on Google.com/Ramadan. From where and when to break fast, to how to get home for Hari Raya, and how to connect with your family abroad to greet them, Google allows you to spend the maximum amount of time doing the things you care about together with your loved ones.

“Whether you’re scheduling reminders for daily prayers, looking for the best route home for balik kampung, or searching for the best iftar recipe online, Google has many free tools and apps that can help you this Ramadan,” said Zeffri Yusof, Head of Communications and
Public Affairs, Google Malaysia.

Plan together
Don’t worry about missing a single call to prayer again. Simply schedule prayer times ahead of time into Google Calendar, and receive alerts on your phone. You can schedule events with loved ones easily on Google Calendar. Entries are synced with Google Now.
The Ramadan hub will automatically show you moonrise, sunrise, and sunset times based on your location.
Google Keep is like sticky notes for your phone—you can take notes using text, or your voice, or a photo.

Get together
For those journeying home every day to make it back in time for the last prayers, routes and traffic can be a concern. Google Maps will give you directions and times based on traffic conditions.

Eat together
For those planning big iftar meals, it can be a headache to figure out the best meals for breaking fast. YouTube is a great source of inspiration for recipes and how-to’s, in order to make those iftar gatherings extra special.
Playlists allow you to plan a whole menu, so you can watch it without interruption.

Enjoy together
With so many memories being created over the month, it can be hard to keep track of all the photos you take. Google Photos helps you organize and retell the story of your Ramadan automatically. The Stories feature curates your hundreds of photos from your family vacation into a coherent narrative, and allows you to annotate it with captions and locations. The Auto Awesome features within Photos touches up your photos automatically, and even generates animated gifs for photobursts.

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