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KUALA LUMPUR (3 July 2014) – Multimedia University (MMU) will be equipping its CISCO lab with 25 Cisco Routers and 20 Cisco Switches, contributed by Dimension Data, a global leader in providing information technology services aimed at providing students practical experience necessary to propel them in their career, thus producing talents that are up to par with industrial standards.

Widening its footprint in the local tertiary education sector, as well as advocating the pivotal role of education in shaping both local and regional marketplace; Dimension Data is committed towards improving the quality of information technology graduates by working with leading education institutions like MMU through knowledge based sharing partnership. This includes contribution of hardware and infrastructures that are crucial for students in their practical training.

Prof. Dato’ Dr Muhamad Rasat Muhamad, President of MMU said, “The rapid change in technology has inevitably shaped the education sphere, prompting education institutions to constantly stay abreast with the latest development. Through this partnership with leading IT firm Dimension Data, MMU graduates will be equipped to take on the industry and marketplace by imparting knowledge that is in line with industrial trend, as well as significant practical experience, giving them a competitive edge amongst their peers.”

Prof Dato’ Dr Muhamad Rasat also added, “MMU is truly appreciative of Dimension Data’s contribution in enhancing the faculty’s amenities, which we believe will immensely benefit both existing and prospective students. We look to work closer with Dimension Data to further improve the quality of education, with the vision of advancing the local ICT industry at large.”

The instruments provided by Dimension Data will benefits students within MMU’s Faculty of Computing and Informatics in Cyberjaya and Faculty of Information Science and Technology in Melaka, as well as other relevant courses. The newly installed network equipment will offer students the opportunity to interact and better understand these network systems, which is pre-requisite in order to obtain their Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. CCNA certification is one of the most sought after accreditation for those who seek to specialize in computer networks and systems.

Chong Hoi Ming, Managing Director of Dimension Data Malaysia and Vietnam said “It is crucial for education institutions to adapt to new teaching methodologies and technologies, and be equipped with latest amenities to prepare graduates for the demanding marketplace. As technology evolves and develops in a rapid pace, it is vital for IT firms to work hand in hand with education institutions to constantly improve the level of education, and Dimension Data is proud to be an enabler in this instance.”

“Practical exposure is a key development for these undergraduates as producing graduates solely with the right technical knowledge alone is not sufficient without the practical skills. We hope the network drives will benefit both the MMU students and the faculty, and we look forward to more collaborative opportunities moving forward”, Chong added.

Dimension Data has recently enhanced another private institution’s IT infrastructure and campus network environment, aiming to improve the existing system while having a broader goal of optimizing the university’s learning facilities by ensuring greater network connectivity across the university’s multi-campus environment. These partnerships are part of Dimension Data’s initiatives to extend its presence within the education sector, as well as many other fields in Malaysia.

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