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WeChat All-Star Race Finals


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MALAYSIA, 15 June 2014 – WeChat, the leading mobile social communication application for smartphones, today launched the WeChat All-Star Race Finals, the offline counterpart in the month long contest with six celebrity teams and WeChat users. The first online-to-offline gaming event WeChat contest held in the Southeast Asia and exclusive to Malaysia currently, the finals is now bringing the excitement and anticipation of WeChat Games to the stage and encourage the social gaming scene in Malaysia.

“WeChat constantly find ways to bring fun and excitement to our users through our app, particularly in Malaysia where the users are significantly more active in socializing and enjoying the WeChat experience.” said Louis Song, Country Manager of WeChat Malaysia and Singapore. “The WeChat All-Star Race aims to deepen our engagement with our users by providing an innovative and meaningful social experience online and offline with their favourite celebrities.”


In Malaysia, WeChat has proven to be a popular social communication tool with its innovative app features besides messaging. The app has a penetration rate of 90% among smartphone users and more than half of smartphone users have downloaded WeChat. With the launch of WeChat Games in Malaysia earlier this year, the WeChat All-Star Race contest continues to drive stronger social gaming presence with the app in Malaysia.

WeChat All-Star Race Rules and Regulations
The WeChat All-Star Race will feature six popular Malaysian celebrities where WeChat users can participate under their team to compete against each other for the finals, which is held at Paradigm Mall. Besides being able to play for their favourite celebrities on WeChat Speed online, the top three players from each team will be invited to compete in the finals with the celebrities. The next top player in line will be selected to join the finals if one of the top three is not able to and winners with the highest overall team score as well as individual score will be rewarded with lucrative prizes at the end of the contest, with a total prize pool of more than RM15, 000.00.


All WeChat users were able to join the contest by downloading and installing the latest WeChat Speed (v1.0.2.0). They will then be able to join their favourite team after each play, or by directly tapping the All Star Race button. Scores will then be automatically submitted to the All Star team of choice. WeChat users may also change their teams halfway across the contest, with their scores discarded from the previous team.

The six celebrities competing in the finals are Adam C, Adrian Tan, Diana Danielle, Elfira Loy, JJ and Yumi Wong, with WeChat finalists competing alongside each of them.

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To join in on the adventure, check out:
iOS App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/id/app/wechat-speed/id783474100?mt=8
Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tencent.game.wrecklessracer

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