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U Mobile Supports SOLS-BMF's 'Project 100'



Kuala Lumpur (23 June 2014) – U Mobile Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative telco, lends its support for SOLS-BMF’s ‘Project 100’ in its commitment to nurture the nation’s young talents in achieving their aspirations and making an impact towards society. The ‘Project 100’ campaign is aimed towards gathering passionate and motivated changemakers in making a difference through teaching English and life skills to underprivileged communities at SOLS-BMF community centers.

U Mobile has powered a series of SOLS-BMF centers with communication services that include voice and high-speed data services, making it possible for SOLS 24/7 teachers in these centers to fulfill their daily operations seamlessly. The supply of telco services accommodates the vital

need for mobile communication among teachers and students today, thus helping to make the everyday classroom experience a smoother process.

Sherlyn Soh, Corporate Communication Manager of U Mobile Sdn Bhd and Tim Spijker, Deputy CEO of SOLS 24/7, with the SOLS 24/7 team. U Mobile has powered selected SOLS-BMF centers with voice and data plans. The centers will be able to enjoy the telecommunication services to full capacity as they execute and facilitate their everyday tasks in SOLS 24/7 centers within the nation.

The voice and data plans will enable SOLS 24/7 teachers to share their experiences and be updated on-the-go with the latest information at their fingertips. The telecommunication services provided by U Mobile will additionally assist SOLS 24/7 teachers in increased connectivity to staff in its other centers, and also looks to improve the capacity of its students in achieving higher understanding of their surrounding issues.
“U Mobile believes that nurturing young talent in achieving their dreams is essential in contributing towards nation building and development, especially as youths require quality education in order to develop their potential as individuals. Telecommunications and the Internet play vital roles in enhancing the teaching and learning process, aligned with the modern day’s approach to education. We are glad to be able to extend our support for SOLS-BMF’s ‘Project 100’ with our mobile services’,” said Wong Heang Tuck, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of U Mobile Sdn. Bhd.

U Mobile will power selected SOLS-BMF centers where they will be able to enjoy the telecommunication services to full capacity as they execute and facilitate their everyday tasks in SOLS 24/7 centers within the nation.

“With over 70 Community Development Officers and volunteers serving, educating and empowering communities throughout the country, connectivity is a vital tool in ensuring our team is able to get answers quickly and verify information for smooth classroom management. A lot of our team members are internationals, and U Mobile’s services help to keep the lines of communication with their family open, extremely important for the soul!” said Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh, Co-Founder and Director of SOLS 24/7 Malaysia.

An avid user of technology, British SOLS-BMF Ayer Hitam CDO Millie Brown keeps her finger on the pulse of her community through the U Mobile services provided to her centre.

“Malaysians are such warm, loving people! From the moment I arrived they accepted me whole-heartedly and I have a wonderful batch of students who I connect with via social media and through phone calls and messages. It has made my job so much more richer and interesting as I can reach out to people anytime, anywhere,” said Brown.

U Mobile aspires to give back to the community with its wide variety of innovative market-best products, with strong emphasis on its value proposition of providing quality and affordable prices. U Mobile believes in the importance of nation-building and looks to nurture the youths of today to its best capacity.

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