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Accessories For GALAXY Tab S



New York, USA (13 June 2014) – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. yesterday announced a new line up of accessories for the newly announced GALAXY Tab S. Each accessory was designed to complement the sleek, modern aesthetic of the tablet and was developed to maximise its extraordinary viewing experience and productivity. Each of the new accessories take advantage of the GALAXY Tab S features, extending the tablet’s capabilities and enhancing various tasks so that consumers can enjoy all the advantages of the GALAXY Tab S to the fullest extent.

GALAXY Tab S owners will have a choice of several elegantly designed covers. The Book Cover accessory configures to three different display angles to provide the most comfortable position to watch videos, read or type. For users looking for the same protective structure of the Book Cover but with a slimmer design, Samsung offers the Simple Cover for perfect fitting, lightweight protection.

Enhancing the functionality and productivity capabilities of the GALAXY Tab S is the Samsung Bluetooth Keyboard. This keyboard is designed specifically to offer the same utility as that of a laptop keyboard, making it more intuitive and optimised for GALAXY users with specific GALAXY feature hot keys and curved keycaps.

To take the mobile experience of the GALAXY Tab S to the next level, users can also enjoy unique Samsung Level audio products. Building on Samsung’s heritage in industry-leading mobile products, the Level Series offers a range of audio accessories with organic sound quality, superior comfort, portability, and a modern style that provide GALAXY Tab S users the best possible sound experience.

Covers and Bluetooth accessories will be available for both the GALAXY Tab S 10.5-inch and 8.4-inch the same time the GALAXY Tab S becomes available in the market.

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