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Review: Logitech Z50 & Z200



Logitech Z50 Multimedia Speakers
Want a speaker good enough but it would not burn a hole in your pocket? You’re looking at it, the Logitech Z50, a multimedia speaker the size of a pencil holder measuring 106.5mm x 98.6mm x 98.6mm and weighs only 260grams. The compact size allows it to sit anywhere on your table without taking up much space.


It has a 2.5-inch driver producing 10W of peak power. It delivers exceptionally for its size. Though not a surround sound speaker, this mini blasts music good enough for everyday needs. There is a low down to this speaker whereby it does not have a build-in battery or wireless option. You can only power it via an AC adapter measuring 1.8 metres long and a 3.5mm audio jack. So its plug and play all the way for all mobile devices.


What we love about this device is its compact size and it being inexpensive and delivers great voice. What we loathe is the fact that it runs on AC, not mobile and there is no cover for the drum of the speaker. Still, its good value for money.

The Z50 comes in three colours: Ocean Blue, Magenta and Dolphin Grey with 2 year limited hardware warranty.

Logitech Z200 Multimedia Speakers
If the Z50 does not quite fit what you are looking for, fret not as Logitech has a decent pair of speakers to spice up your desk.

The Z200 is Logitech’s contemporary looking multimedia speakers that complements well with the modern space. Unboxing reveals two satellite unit, each comes with a 2.5-inch driver (one active and one passive) delivering 10W of rich stereo sound, with added deep bass.


Each satellite measures 241.2mm x 90mm x 124.7mm and weighs 1000gram, the perfect size to sit next to your desktop PC, plus its not on the bulky side if you need to move it around. These pair of speakers strike a sleek and modern look in black with speaker mounts in white making it easy to blend in any modern space.


These rectangular beauties are AC powered by a 1.8m power adapter cable and a hardwired 3.5mm connection. The left speaker has the Logitech logo printed on it while present on the right speaker is a volume dial, built-in headphone jack, a 3.5mm auxiliary line and a bass control at the side of the speaker. The auxiliary line allows you to connect and play audio content from multiple devices simultaneously. The built-in headphone jack allows you to plug in your headphones if you need some private audio session without having to remove the speakers from the PC.multimedia-speakers-z200.3

Upon powering it up, rich bass and clear audio fills up the room. Classical, pop and movie soundtracks with rich bass delivers, however Jazz was a little ill defined in this context. We do not expect spectacular audio quality blasting from these speakers, but they are decent enough for their range in terms of build and quality. If you have an urge to irritate the neighbours feel free to tune the volume to the max.

The Z200 is available in black and white with 2 year limited hardware warranty.

*Images courtesy of Logitech.


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