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Spotify Embraces Malaysian Advertisers



Kuala Lumpur (14th April 2014) – Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming service, has partnered with Better Sdn Bhd, Southeast Asia’s leading premium digital media representative, to open the music service’s unique advertising platform to local brands.

Since launching in Malaysia in April 2013, Spotify has been connecting with music fans in the market by providing free access to more than 24 million international and local songs that are available across all devices.

Spotify’s extensive catalogue has been positively received by Malaysians aged 15-34 who have been spending an average of 104 minutes per day on the service. The combination of this audience and an array of highly engaging audio and digital ad formats make this a fresh and effective opportunity for brands keen to connect with this particular audience segment.

Beyond creative advertising options, many brands globally have leveraged Spotify’s ‘Branded Partnerships’ that provide for deeper engagement with the audience and the creation of customised experiences. Among great examples of these include Reebok’s Fitlist which allows users to create personalised playlists for their next workout and the Levi’s partnership that allowed users to select the set-list, cover tracks and supporting acts for an array of gigs at their flagship store in the UK.

Spotify and Better are now ready to explore new possibilities with Malaysian advertisers by empowering them to forge a strong emotional connection with their audience through music.

Sunita Kaur, Spotify’s Director for Asia said: “Spotify connects advertisers with highly engaged, passionate, and socially active consumers while they’re doing the thing they love the most – listening to music. Pairing audio with visual advertising is not only one of the most powerful forms of marketing online, it’s also a unique new addition to the Malaysian advertising market.”

Rene E. Menezes, CEO of Better added: “We are excited to be working with Spotify and are confident that Malaysian brands will rapidly see the service as an integral part of their advertising plans.”


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